Evoking Non-Conforming Black Imagery

Non-conforming Black bodies occupy a space beyond the parameters of this colonial, White, capitalist world, and as a result their voices are often silenced, their identities are suppressed, and their bodies are under appreciated. This curated exhibit aims to acknowledge, appreciate and applaud the Black femmes surviving each day in this world.

This exhibit highlights artists from New York (Lorna Simpson), Botswana (Mpho Sebina), and Carriacou (Audrey Lorde), in hopes of starting a conversation around the infinite experiences of non-conforming Black bodies across the African Diaspora. We as curators invite you, the viewer, into a remembrance of these marginalized folx in order to create a healing and restorative experience.

– Camille, Cassandra, Moitse

For those of us who live at the shoreline

standing upon the constant edges of decision

crucial and alone

for those of us who cannot indulge

the passing dreams of choice

who love in doorways coming and going

in the hours between dawns

looking inward and outward

at once before and after

seeking a now that can breed


(Excerpts from A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde)