Interactive Art @ Chestnut Orchard

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 Kylie Power-Sullivan, Use, white paper, steel wire, string, Elmer’s glue, steel pins, wooden fenceposts

I observed that this fence, being recently repurposed to accommodate an electrical component, had regular holes in the fence posts. I realized these holes had become obsolete in the process of repurposing, and therefore began to imagine what other uses they might be put to. I created sketch-like, silhouette representations of these possible future contents and secured them in the holes with steel pins so as to emulate a showcase, because the space seemed to naturally frame and present any contents. Upon further observation, I realized that some of the holes were already occupied, and factored that into my presentation. I put a fabricated leaf in the lower hole; a paper spider web in the middle, and a plant-like figure in the top, in order of what I thought might appear first. I used two posts to do this, the first one having only white paper, white string, and plain pins, while the second was decorated with teal string and spider-headed pins. This second post was decorated to represent the fact that these were in fact inhabited spaces, but also to exaggerate that fact with the cheesy, human associations of what make a home or dwelling place. The spider web on the second pole has the word “Home” in bright teal across it, and the other objects are decorated like a person might decorate and personalize a home.