Save locations in Google My Maps

Google My Maps is part of the G Suite. My Maps allows the creation of personalized online maps that can be shared or edited by multiple users simultaneously. To add locations from Google Maps into a shared Google My Maps, we provide instructions for two recommended ways:

Add VoiceThread or Perusall to Moodle

The process of linking your Moodle course with a third party tool is the same for VoiceThread and Perusall. This page summarizes the initial step-by-step process to get your course linked to these tools.

Change Your Moodle Course Image

In Moodle 3.8 you can now add your own course image to your Moodle page. This image will appear in the Dashboard of everybody with access to your site. Note: Only the instructor(s) of a course can access the course image function.

Moodle Basics

Moodle is designed in such a way that you can use it incrementally.¬† In this post, we’ll go over the basics of using Moodle to post and organize your course content. Please find PDFs linked in the sidebar for General Setup, Assignments, Forums, and Grading

Moodle Gradebook Basics

The Moodle Gradebook automatically records scores and feedback from Assignments, Activities, and/or Manual grades from your Moodle course. Students can review their grades in an individual report. Instructors can control the visibility of the gradebook and when to release certain grades. This article will share some basic steps on configuring the Moodle gradebook.

Upload Feedback Files in Moodle

One feature of Moodle is the ability to download all student submissions, mark them up, and upload them in bulk to students with feedback. Once you get the hang of the process it can save a great deal of time spent emailing drafts back and forth.