Import content from a previous course to a new course

This article explains how to copy content from a previous Moodle course into a new course.

Please note: The import process only copies course content, not student information, meaning discussions and homework submissions from past students will not be copied.

The video and the document below contain the same instructions.

If you are teaching at Smith College, you can request assistance with this task by filling out this Course Import Request form.

Import content from a previous Moodle course into a new course.


Navigate to your new Moodle course for the upcoming semester. When you open your course, it will be empty.


In the upper right, select the Actions Menu (the gear icon) then select Import. The Import screen will open.
Moodle Actions Menu


Find your previous course in your list of courses and select the radio button. If you don’t see your course in the list, go to the bottom of the page and enter the title of your course then select Search.

Select your course, then select Continue.

Select course to import data from


On the Import Settings screen, you can select which parts of your previous course you want to copy into your new course. If you would like to copy everything, select Jump to final step (see step 6 in these instructions) otherwise select Next.
Import settings screen


On the Schema settings page, uncheck the boxes for any items you do not want to have included in the import. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Next.

  • Example: If you have an updated version of your syllabus that you plan to upload, you can uncheck the box so that you do not import the older version into your new course.

On the Confirmation & Review page, a list of all course content will display with green yes check marks indicating the items being copied. If everything looks correct, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Perform Import.


A progress bar will display during the import. Please wait a few moments for the import to complete.

A “success” message will display when the import has completed. Select Continue to navigate back to your course.

Importing a course offered in 2015 or before

To copy a course from August 2015 or earlier contact

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Last modified: September 3, 2020