Developmental Biology Illustrated Video Series

Traditionally, when students are assigned textbook readings, they rarely achieve the pre-learning objectives needed to successfully engage in solving complex problem sets during class. In the Developmental Biology Illustrated Video series, Dr. Michael Barresi and his colleague, Dr. Scott Gilbert of Swarthmore College, generate topic-focused videos that are designed to support text readings and lecture … Continued


WordPress Plugins

In this workshop we will go beyond the basic content management functions of WordPress and cover a number of ways you can use plugins to add functionality to your site.  We’ll create interactive content with H5P, and develop ways to input structured data with Advanced Custom Fields. You will have a chance to work on … Continued


Find Your WordPress Site

When logged into WordPress, you can easily see and open any of your sites hosted on Sophia. This is especially helpful if you work on multiple sites.


WordPress 101: WordPress Basics

At Smith, instructors across campus are using WordPress in their courses to teach foreign languages, investigate historical texts, showcase student work, and more. In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the ways instructors and students at Smith have used WordPress. You’ll also learn about the basic features of WordPress and get familiar with content creation. … Continued


Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

WordPress includes a built-in gallery feature that you can use to display a series of images on either a post or page. Galleries display images in a grid layout, meaning you can show more content using less space.


Digital Sandbox

Teaching Arts Lunches: Join Educational Technology Services for an interactive session showcasing collaborative projects from the 2016-17 academic year. Participants will have an opportunity to play with current and emerging technologies, and imagine new ways to enhance the teaching and learning experience.