Organization Description

Mission: ENGin’s program, launched in March of 2020, is the only one of its kind in Ukraine – unlimited 1-on-1 speaking sessions open to any young Ukrainian, anywhere, at any time. ENGin is helping a generation of young Ukrainians improve their spoken English and intercultural skills, making an impact on both an individual and a national level. On an individual level, we equip students to access academic and professional opportunities. On a national level, we connect Ukraine with the world, spurring economic growth and social progress.

Goals: ENGin complements humanitarian aid efforts by giving Ukrainians the skills they need to support themselves in the longer term. Over half of Ukrainians have lost their jobs due to the war; millions have been forced to flee the country. We help open doors to new job opportunities (including remote roles for those still in Ukraine), fill in gaps in education when schools are forced to close, and ease the resettlement process for refugees. As we empower each of our students to rebuild their life, we’re also creating a generation of English-fluent, culturally competent Ukrainians ready to rebuild their nation.

Placement Description

  • English Language Tutor: Video chat with a Ukrainian student each week at times that are convenient for you
  • Skills: 
    • English fluency (volunteers do not need to speak Ukrainian or Russian)
    • Internet access and good Wi-Fi connection
    • We cannot accept volunteers who deny or justify Russian aggression, oppose Ukraine’s independence and full territorial integrity, or support the myth of “brotherly nations”
  • Training: Training is mandatory, and we offer a live training session via Zoom multiple times a week as well as a pre-recorded version. We also provide free monthly workshops/webinars, supplemental materials and session plans, and support throughout the volunteer experience.

Time Commitment

At least 1 hr/week for 10-12 weeks

How to Get Involved

To start volunteering with us, please sign up at, or feel free to sign up for a volunteer info session here. Following your application submission, you will have a brief interview with an ENGin staff member.

Contact Information

Click below for an interview with the previous volunteer coordinator of ENGin Rose Tatum.