Organization Description

Mission: Northampton Neighbors (NN) is an organization that provides services and support to older adults in our community— everything from household help, errands, and tech assistance to rides and phone check-ins. Additionally, we provide opportunities to connect and share through programs and events including interest groups, our speaker series, talent shows, picnics, social get-togethers, and more! We are inclusive, membership is 100% free, and we welcome people of all ages from every corner of the community to participate in whatever way is meaningful to them. We especially welcome bilingual volunteers and those interested in working with the LGBT community, low-income communities, and on intergenerational projects. 

Goals: We are dedicated to helping older adults in our community create and maintain connection, independence, and joy in whatever ways we can! We pride ourselves on being resourceful and nimble, so if there’s a request, we’ll do whatever we can to meet it through programs, services, and outreach. 

Placement Description

  • Neighborly Visits: Meeting NN members at their homes, a garden, park, or out on the town for an hour of conversation
  • Hello Neighbor Volunteers: Check in with a NN member once a week or every so often by phone or text
  • Technical Assistants: Assist NN members with their technical needs; set up phone, email, Skype, speakers, TV remotes, thermostats, and other electronic devices and apps
  • Call Managers: Work with computers and interact with members by phone
  • The Pioneer Valley Memory Care Initiative (PVMCI): Provide person-centered support for members living with memory loss 
  • There are also a number of events and ongoing programs where students can get involves such as: fundraising, community relations (outreach to other organization), event planning, member/volunteer support, communications (writers, editors, graphic artists, print and electronic media specialists), and outreach activities
  • Skills:
    • Very supportive and encouraging 
    • Willing to work with neighbors to craft a safe, sensible, and responsive system where everyone can comfortably ask for and offer help
    • For tech assistance, a good level of technological understanding 
    • Personable and enjoys interacting with older adults 
    • Ongoing programs and special events may require special skills sets like database management of social media talents 
  • Training: We offer volunteer training, and we CORI check those who offer in-person services. For the PVMCI program, volunteers are trained by Cooley Dickinson staff. 

Time Commitment

Time commitment varies with position, but most positions are generally very flexible with the exception of call managers:

  • 3 hours shifts 1-2 times/week 

How to Get Involved

To become a volunteer, go to here or contact

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