Organization Description 

Mission: The Treehouse Foundation is dedicated to supporting families and children impacted by foster care in an intentional, trauma-informed intergenerational community. Treehouse’s major initiatives are the Treehouse Community in Easthampton and the Re-Envisioning Foster Care in American (REFCA) Movement, as well as a second location being developed in the Boston area. The Treehouse Community is devoted to cultivating and supporting life-long connections and promoting innovative, multi-generational and community-based solutions for children who have experienced foster care.

Goals: Firstly, our goal is always to ensure safety and create nurturing, positive relationships between members of the Treehouse community and Smith students. We offer students who are interested in child development, trauma, attachment, social change, and/or education opportunities to build skills with support from highly trained staff. We provide opportunities for creative self-reflection and self-expression, and encourage our volunteers to share their unique talents. As an agency, our goal is to model a different way forward for youth impacted by foster care- one that is deeply grounded in community, connection, and caring.

Placement Description 

  • Treehouse After School Program: Students are able to part of a team offering artistic and creative expression, games, activities, and field trips to children at the Treehouse Community.
  • Treehouse Thursday Evening Mentor Team: Students provide homework and educational support, play games, and establish positive mentoring relationships with children in the Treehouse community (dinner will be provided).
  • Skills:
    • Ability to make a semester-long or year-long weekly or biweekly commitment
    • A willingness to develop trauma-informed approaches to care and learn more about the impact of trauma, disrupted attachments, and learning differences
    • Prior relevant experience with children and young people
    • Enthusiasm, curiosity, flexibility, creativity, and good relational skills
  • Training: Yes, training is necessary and designed to ensure that volunteers are informed and prepared for their roles and understand the mission and vision of the Treehouse Foundation and Community.

Time Commitment

Time commitment varies by position.

  • Treehouse After School Program: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 2:30-5:00pm at least 2 hr/week
  • Treehouse Thursday Evening Mentor Team: Thursdays 4:00-7:00 pm at least 2 hr/week

How to Get Involved

Email or text Erin at or 413-282-7114 to set up a quick call or Zoom meeting, so we can get to know you! If our needs and your availability align, I will put you in touch with our volunteer coordinator who will assist in filling out a CORI form.

Contact Information