April 1995

April 1995

The following is the Table of Contents from the April 1995 edition of Metamorphoses. The complete edition, including the original language versions for poetry, is available only in print.

Laszlo Tikos:

  • Nomen est Omen…, page 1.

Murray Biggs:

  • Ovidian Ladies and Homeric Gentlemen, page 4.

Alfred Döblin, Translated from the German by Elizabeth Welt Trahan:

  • The Murder of a Buttercup, page 25.

Beb Vuyk, Translated from the Dutch by E.M. Beekman:

  • Way Baru, page 35.

Raffaele La Capria, Translated from the Italian by E.A. Petroff and R.J. Pioli:

  • The Discovery of the Blue Grotto, page 45.

Carlo Levi, Translated from the Italian by Melinda Kennedy:

  • Words are Stones: Part I, page 51.

Ilan Stavans, Translated from the Nahuatl by Daniel G. Brinton:

  • Translation and Conquest, page 67.
  • Five Nahuatl Poems, page 72.

Zsuzsanna Palko, Introduced and translated from the Hungarian by Vera Kalm:

  • The Wager of the Two Friends, page 88.

Irving and Revon Reed, Martin Latiolais & Odette Coussan, Introduced and translated from the Cajun by Barry Jean Ancelet:

  • A Few Cajun Tales, page 97.

Chet Kalm:

  • Folk Art, page 106.

Milada Soucková, Jaroslav Seifert, Egon Bondy, Introduced and translated from the Czech by Ron Banerjee and Maria Nemcova Banerjee:

  • Three Czech Poems, page 117.

Jozsef Erdely, Translated from the Hungarian by Vera Kalm:

  • Morning, page 132.

Beverly Matherne, Translated from the Cajun by the author:

  • Seven Cajun Poems, page 134.

Heinrich Heine, Translated from the German by Walter Arndt:

  • Six German Poems, page 140.

Johanna Ekström, Translated from the Swedish by Eva Claeson:

  • Five Swedish Poems, page 143.

Lotte Linck, Translated from the Danish by Susanne Jörn:

  • Four Danish Poems, page 148.

Beverly Matherne:

  • Review of Je Suis cadien, by Jean Arceneaux, page 156.

Chet Kalm:

  • Review of A Year of the Hunter, by Czeslaw Milosz, page 159.

David Ball:

  • Review of Francis Ponge: Selected Poems, Ed. Margaret Guiton, page 161.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • Review of Sleep Rhymes Around the World, Ed. Jane Yolen, page 163.
  • Thumbprint, page 166.