December 1993

December 1993

The following is the Table of Contents from the December 1993 edition of Metamorphoses. The complete edition, including the original language versions for poetry, is available only in print.

Laszlo Tikos:

  • From the Word to Words, page 1.

Nathaniel Smith:

  • Some Thoughts on Translating Rhyme, page 4.

Ruben Darío, Translated from the Spanish by Kelly Washbourne:

  • The Nirvana Dictionary: Not What It Can But What it Must, page 11.

Miguel Tonga, Translated from the Portuguese by Ivana Carlsen:

  • Alma Grande, page 13.

Juan Rodriguez Freile, Translated from the Spanish by Nina Scott:

  • The Witch Juana Garcia, page 19.

Alberto Moravia, Translated from the Italian by Hélène Cantarella:

  • The Secret, page 25.

Margareta Ekström, Translated from the Swedish by Eva Claeson:

  • The World is Full of Buffalos and Palefaces, page 31.

Henri Michaux, Translated from the French by David Ball:

  • Song of Death, page 38.

Molière, Translated from the French by Richard Wilbur:

  • Amphitryon: Act One, Scene One, page 42.

Frantisek Halas, Translated from the Czech by Ron Banerjee:

  • Le Charmeur des Rats, page 48.
  • Le Coq Dissipe la Mort, page 50.

Lajos Varma, Translated from the Hungarian by Laszlo Tikos:

  • Prophecies and Answers, page 52.
  • God Bless Those…, page 54.

Christian Morgenstern, Translated from the German by Walter Arndt:

  • Four Poems, page 56.

Georg Heym, Translated from the German by Peter Viereck:

  • White-Haired in the Abominated Regions, page 62.
  • White Butterflies of Night, So often Near Me, page 64.

Stefan George, Translated from the German by Peter Viereck:

  • [Final Song], page 68.

Gottfried Benn, Translated from the German by Peter Viereck:

  • Songs: I, page 70.

Peter Viereck:

  • After Pushkin’s “On the Hills of Georgia,” page 72.

Rita Dinale, Translated from the Italian by Melinda Kennedy:

  • Africa Turning, page 74.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • Alpha in Omega, page 90.