December 1997

December 1997

The following is the Table of Contents from the December 1997 edition of Metamorphoses.
Some of the selections are linked and available online; the complete edition,
including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • By Way of Being an Editorial, page 1.
  • Poet in Translation, On Joseph Brodsky’s posthumously published So Forth, page 145.
  • Ruminations on the Verb, page 149.
  • Translated into Portuguese by Maria Lúcia Milléo Martins:
    • Autobiography, page 80.

Nancy Dersofi:

Manlio Cancogni, Translated from the Italian by Hélène Cantarella:

Sara Lidman, Translated from the Swedish by Eva Claeson:

Edward Radzinsky, Translated from the Russian by Laszlo Tikos:

  •  Koba (Monologue of an Old Man), page 26.

Marjorie Agosin, Translated from Spanish by the author:

Cesare Pavese, Translated from the Italian by Melinda Kennedy:

Beverly Matherne, Translated from the Cajun by the author:

  • When a Man Gets Cancer, page 52.
  • Aunt Elphia, page 54.
  • I Call Mama on the Telephone, page 56.

K. Tangalychev, Translated from the Russian by Dean Furbish:

  • See the Leaves, page 58.
  • The Hunter, page 60.
  • Extending above a gold ravine…, page 60.
  • On the Leaves…, page 62.
  • Apples, page 62.
  • A burgeoning May…, page 64.

Giovanni Pascoli, Translated from the Italian by Ron Banerjee:

  • Purple Digitalis, page 66.
  • Jasmine at Night, page 72.

Gunnar Ekelöf, Translated from the Swedish by Brita Stendahl:

  • Melancholia, page 74.
  • Euphoria, page 76.

Sappho, Translated from the Greek by Carolyn Smith:

  •  He seems the equal of the gods, that man, page 78.

Irene Lisboa, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • Irony, page 82.
  • Thread of a Gaze, page 84.
  • That’s How One Lives, page 86.
  • Things of the Earth, page 88.
  • Another Day (“That pretty young maid…”), page 90.
  • Another Day (“All finished work…”), page 94.
  • An Outing, page 96.
  • To Write, page 98.

Alessandro Ferace, Translated from the Italian by Hélène Cantarella and Melinda Kennedy:

  • A Group of Poems, page 100.

Steve O’Halloran, Translated from the Spanish by the author:

  •  Your Eyes, page 112.
  • Campesino, page 112.
  • 500 Years After the First “New World Order,” page 114.
  • Thought of a Street Dweller, page 114.
  • Hand of the Moon, page 116.
  • Legacy, page 118.

Kristian Suda, Translated from the Czech by Ron Banerjee, with Maria Nemcová Banerjee:

  • Dune/Cape Cod, page 120.

Aleksis Rannit, Translated from the Estonian by Henry Lyman:

  • At the Ford, page 124.
  • Trinakria, page 126.
  • In the Fifth Power of Sleep, page 126.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Translations from the German by Elizabeth Welt Trahan, with comparison translations by MD Herter Norton and Melinda Kennedy:

  • Revisited, page 128.

Women Trouvères, Translated from the Provençal by Eglal Doss-Quinby:

  • Songs of the Women Trouvères, page 132.

David Daube:

  • On English Spelling, page 154.

Clarice Lispector, Translated from the Portuguese by Ana Regina Faria Dos Santos:

  • A Thought, page 155.