Fall 2000

Fall 2000

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2000 edition of Metamorphoses.
Some of the selections are linked and available on-line; the complete edition,
including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • From the Editor-in-Chief, page 12.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • An Editorial Letter, page 14.

Special Section on Ioan Es. Pop:

  • Introduced by Nathaniel Smith:
    • The Anthracite Prayer, page 19.
  • Translated from the Romanian by Nathaniel Smith and Ioan Cretu:
    • oltetului 15, camera 305, page 24.
  • Translated from the Romanian by K. Shaver and Ioan Cretu:
    • Casa, page 38.
  • Translated from the Romanian by Ioan Cretu and Nathaniel Smith:
    • banchetul, page 60.

Ishikawa Takuboku, Translated from the Japanese by Carl Sesar:

  • From Sad Toys, page 64.

James Sacré, Translated from the French by David Ball:

Sandra Moussempès, Translated from the French by Carolyn Shread:

  • From Vestiges of Girlhood, “‘Hopes’ Without Silvering” Reflection 1-9, page 78.

Claude Vigée, Translated from the French by Martin Wilmot Bennett:

  • Jubilee, page 90.
  • Whilst Adam Slept, page 92.

Philippe Jaccottet, Translated from the French by Martin Wilmot Bennett:

  • Madrigal, page 94.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Translated from the Portuguese by Charles Cutler:

  • Nightfall, page 96.
  • The Chosen Ones, page 98.
  • Shards, page 100.
  • The Greek Fountain, page 102.
  • Truth, page 102.
  • Natural History, page 104.
  • The Floor’s a Bed, page 104.
  • On the Marble of Your Bum, page 106.
  • Remains, page 106.
  • The Migrant’s Illusions, page 106.
  • Three in a cafe, page 110.

Fiama Hasse Pais Brandão, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • Epistle to a Swan, page 112.
  • Epistle to the Siren of a Boat, page 112.
  • Epistle to the Beloved, page 114.
  • Epistle to a Mandolin, Always Upon a Table, page 114.
  • Epistle to Daedalus, page 116.
  • Epistle to an Equinox, page 116.
  • Epistle to a Sundial with the Inscription, “Carpe Diem,” page 116.
  • Epistle to the Sun, page 118.
  • Epistle to Myself, Long Ago, on All Saints Day, page 118.
  • Memorandum on a Window that Taps Like the Beak of a Raven, page 118.
  • Memorandum for a Fable, page 120.
  • Memorandum for Myself, Thinking of Keats, page 120.

Garcilaso de la Vega, Translated from the Spanish by Eric Clifford Graf:

  • Sonnet 29, page 122.

Bartolo Cattafi, Translated from the Italian by Rina Ferrarelli:

  • Blank Page, page 124.
  • Plaza de Toros, page 124.
  • The Colors of the South, page 126.
  • Past Years, page 126.
  • Winter Fortunetelling, page 128.

Johann Wolfang von Goethe, Translated from the German by Walter Arndt:

  • Welcome and Parting, page 130.

Nikolaus Lenau, Translated from the German by Walter Arndt:

  • To Her Afar, page 134.

Theodor Storm, Translated from the German by Walter Arndt:

  • Die Stadt, page 136.

John Khoury, Translated into German by Gabriele Hadl:

  • The Annointed, page 138.

Pia Tafdrup, Translated from the Danish by Roger Greenwald:

  • Repetition, page 142.
  • The Sign of Remembrance, page 144.
  • Territorial Song, page 144.
  • Sabbath, page 146.
  • The Face Raised Up, page 148.

Yuhn Bok Kin, Translated into Korean by the author:

  • Atop a Home Hill, page 150.
  • Longing, page 152.

Sappho, Introduced and translated from the Ancient Greek by Katherine Callen King:

  • [Like the Gods…], page 154.
  • [Come to me from Crete…], page 156.
  • [Some say an army…], page 156.
  • [To her you were like a visible goddess …], page 158.
  • [Royal-throned immortal Aphrodite…], page 160.
  • [Truly I want to die!…], page 162.
  • Three Fragments, page 164.

Madeleine de Scudéry, Introduced and translated from the French by Karen Newman:

  • Story of Sappho, page 168.

Yiorgos Ioannou, Introduced and translated from the Modern Greek by Martin McKinsey:

  • The Sarcophagus, page 188.

Cesare Pavese, Translated from the Italian by Melinda Kennedy:

  • Chapter One from The Moon and the Bonfires, page 193.

Mario Rigoni Stern, Translated from the Italian by Liz Harris:

  • From Giacomo’s Seasons, page 199.

Stanislav Dygat, Translated from the Polish by Stephanie Kraft:

  • From Rainy Evenings, page 204.
  • Resurrection, page 207.
  • Grapes of Wrath, page 210.
  • A Very Narrow Point of View, page 212.
  • The Name Day, page 212.

Richard Gaughran:

  • Introduction, page 215.

Blaze Minevski, Translated from the Macedonian by Zoran Anchevski and Richard Gaughran:

  • The Balkans for Children, page 216.

Mitko Madunkov, Translated from the Macedonian by Richard Gaughran:

  • The Bombing, page 222.

Petre M. Andreevski, Translated from the Macedonian by Richard Gaughran and Lence Milosevska:

  • Chapter One of The Last Peasants, page 225.

Venko Andonovski, Translated from the Macedonian by Zoran Anchevski and Richard Gaughran:

  • Isijan’s Shadow, page 240.

Joel Tansey:

  •  A Strategy for Translating Medieval Lyric: Rutebeuf’s “La Griesche d’yver,” page 248.

Elizabeth Welt Trahan:

  • Writing a Holocaust Memoir in Two Languages—A Balancing Act, page 256.

Rajeev S. Patke:

  • Translation as Metaphor: The Poetry of Agha Shadid Ali, page 266.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Translated from the Urdu by Agha Shadid Ali:

  • From The Rebel’s Silhouette:
    • City of Lights, page 280.
    • A Prison Daybreak, page 282.
    • In Search of Vanished Blood, page 286.
    • Stay Away from Me (Bangladesh I), page 288.

Agha Shahid Ali, Translated into Hebrew by Yehudith Ben Zvi Heller:

  • From The Half-Inch Himalayas:
    • A Dream of Glass Bangles, page 290.
    • Houses, page 292.

Yehudith Ben Zvi Heller, Translated from the Hebrew by Agha Shahid Ali:

  • From The Woman in a Purple Coat:
    • Standing Outside, page 296.
    • Just Before Sunset in Armon Ha’natzive, page 298.
    • Patience, page 300.
  • From Salt Women:
    • In a Foreign Country, page 300.
    • On the Morning of My Departure, page 304.

Orm Øverland, Translated from the Norwegian and edited by Roger Greenwald:

  • Through Naked Branches: Selected Poems of Tarjei Vesaas, page 308.