Fall 2001

Fall 2001

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2001 edition of Metamorphoses.
Some of the selections are linked and available on-line; the complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 14.

Saviana Stanescu, Translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Aura Sibisan with the poet:

  • The Infanta Margherita, page 24.
  • The Infanta Augustina, page 24.
  • The Infanta Francesca, page 26.
  • The Infanta Manola, page 28.
  • The Infanta Isabella, page 30.

Saúl Yurkievich, Translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen:

  • Perch’i No Spero Di Tornar Giammai, page 32.
  • Memorable, page 36.
  • Moratorium, page 38.
  • Luminary, page 40.

Rosa Alice Branco, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • The Eye of the Needle, page 48.
    Mid-Winter Night’s Dream, page 48.
    Room With Wicket-Window, page 50.
    Opaqueness of the World, page 50.
    Day by Day, page 52.
    Endless, the Night, page 52.
    Notes for a Concert, page 54.

Robert Frost, Translated into the Italian by Alessandro Ferace:

  • Never Again Would Birds’ Song Be the Same, page 56.
  • Meeting and Crossing, page 56.

Emily Dickinson, Translated into the Italian by Alessandro Ferace:

  • To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, page 58.
  • A Light exists in Spring, page 58.

Raffaele Carrieri, Translated from the Italian by Martin Wilmot Bennet:

  • No Harps, page 62.
  • For Ezra Pound in the Washington Asylum, page 62.
  • Eros, page 64.
  • Revision, page 64.
  • The Basket, page 66.
  • Spiral Stairway, page 66.
  • Distant Din, page 66.
  • Saragossa, page 68.

Pierre de Ronsard, Translated from the French by Warren Anderson:

  • From Sonnets Pour Hélène:
    • Sonnet For Hélène III, page 70.

Guillaume Apollinaire, Translated from the French by Warren Anderson:

  • Hunting Horns, page 72.

Annie Boutelle:

  • Notes on the Rilke Translation, page 74.

Rainer Maria Rilke:

  • Translated from the French by Annie Boutelle:
  • Translated from the German by Annie Boutelle:
    • From Les Roses, 1948:
      • Rose (VI), page 80.
      • Rose (X), page 82.
      • Rose (XII), page 82.

Wolf Biermann, Translated from the German by Ina Pfitzner:

  • Monkey on the Rocks, page 84.

Boris Vian, Translated from the French by Ina Pfitzner:

  • I’m a Snob, page 88.

Madeleine Gagnon, Translated from the French by Andrea Moorhead:

  • Excerpts from Dream of Stone (Rêve de Pierre), page 94.

Michel Jourdain, Translated from the French by Nicole Ball:

  • De + Ablative = About, page 106.

Kyriakos Haralambidis, Translated from the Modern Greek by Martin McKinsey:

  • Naked, page 130.
  • The Queen’s Window, page 130.
  • Horses in a Tholos Tomb, page 132.
  • Deposition from The Cross, page 134.
  • The Sun, page 134.

Barbro Dahlin, Translated from the Swedish by Eva Claeson:


  • Clear Day, page 136.
  • The Wing-Beat of the Days, page 136.
  • At the End of the Day, page 136.
  • Dusk, page 138.
  • Memories in the Evening, page 140.
  • The Year Falls Headlong, page 140.
  • Love, page 142.
  • Slothy Slipshod Shut, page 144.
  • Epilogue, page 144.

Osip Mandelstam, Translated from the Russian by Seth Zimmerman:

  • Ariosto, page 146.
  • What Street is This?, page 148.

Laszlo Tikos

  • Introduction: Three Russian Poems of Suicide, page 150.

Dan Levin:

  • Letter to Laszlo Tikos, page 151.

Sergey Yesenin and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Translated from the Russian by Laszlo Tikos:

  • Three Russian Poems of Suicide:
    • 1. Untitled (December 25, 1925) – S.Y., page 152.
    • 2. To Sergey Yesenin (1926) – V.M., page 152.
    • 3. His own suicide poem (unfinished, 1930) – V.M., page 166.

Artur Alliksaar, Translated from the Estonian by Inna Feldbach and Alan Treil:

Polina Dimova:

  • An Introduction to the Poet: Konstantin Pavlov, page 182.

Konstantin Pavlov, Translated from the Bulgarian by Polina Dimcheva Dimova:

Kasuko Shiraishi, Translated from the Japanese by Yumiko Tsumura and Samuel Grolmes:

  • From The Precious Tears of the Donkey, 2000:
    • A Bear of the Human Family, page 190.
    • I and I, page 192.
    • The Swallow’s Clock, page 194.
    • The Laughing Cricket, page 196.
    • Regarding the Future  The Donkey, page 198.
  • From One Who is Carried Away, Fluttering, 1992:
    • The Seven Cats are Happy, page 200.

Chang Chi, Translated from the Classical Chinese by Andy Shupala:

  • Clearing After Snowfall Over the District of Hui Chi, page 202.

Ron Banerjee:

  • A Note on the Translation: Gitagovinda, page 204.

Jayadeva, Translated from the Sanskrit by Ron Banerjee:

  • Gitagovinda (Canto V. Song 11.), page 206.

Margalit Matitiahu

  • Translated from the Hebrew by Yehudit Heller and Stephen Clingman, and translated from the Ladino by Diana Brown and Kathleen Rettig:
    • From Burnt Home:
      • Before the Journey, page 210.
      • Before Arriving in Saloniki, page 210.
      • Freedom Square, page 212.
      • Saloniki, page 215.
      • Pale Shadows, page 218.
  • Translated from the Hebrew by Karen Alkalay-Gut:
    • Mother Against War, page 220.

Yehudit Ben Zvi Heller, Translated from the Hebrew by Agha Shahid Ali with the poet:

  • From The Woman in a Purple Coat:
  • Excerpts from: A Weekend on the Beach in Caesaria
    • a. The Whole Beach is a Palace, page 224.
    • b. In the Moonlight, page 226.
    • A Night in Acadia, page 226.
  • From Salt Women:
    • On the Road to Your Mother’s Funeral, page 228.

Jeong-Hui Oh, Translated from the Korean by Ha-yun Jung:

  • River of Fire, page 234.

Christoforos Milionis, Translated from the Modern Greek by Thalia Pandiri:

  • From the collection Nessus Shirt:
  • From the collection Elevator Operator:
    • Induction Ceremony, page 260.

Almudena Grandes, Translated from the Spanish by Lydia Oram:

  • From Exemplary Women (Modelos de Mujer):
    • Excerpt from the Prologue: Memories of a Gypsy Girl, page 263.
    • Mother Love, page 267.

Jaan Kaplinski, Translated from the Estonian by Inna Feldbach and Alan Trei:

  • A Brief Life Story, page 275.

Karim Zaimovic, Translated from the Bosnian by Fatime Mujcinovic:

  • The Secret of Raspberry Jam, page 288.

Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, Translated from the Marathi by Sunil Gokhale:

  • Narayan, page 301.

Zygmunt Haupt, Translated from the Polish by Stephanie Kraft:

Michal Glowinski, Translated from the Polish by Marci Shore:

  • From Czarne Sezony (The Black Seasons):
    • The Pastry, page 321.
    • Emil, page 325.

Charles Baudelaire:

  • Envirez-Vous:
    • Get Drunk: a literal translation from the French by Thalia Pandiri, page 332.
    • Get High: a transmutation into a concrete poem by Warren Anderson, page 333.

Peter Wortsman:

  • Simultaneous Musils or Will the Real Dichter Please Rise from the Dead! (A Comparative Look at a Line in Various Translations of Nachlaß zu Lebzeiten), page 335.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Bilingual Creative Writing: A Conversation with Margalit Matitiahu, page 343.
  • Poets Translating Poets: An Interview with Yehudit Heller, page 347.

Hélène Cantarella (1904-2000):

Melinda Kennedy:

  • In Memoriam, page 358.

Manlio Cancogni, Translated from the Italian by Lydia Oram:

  • For Hélène, page 360.

Charles Killinger:

  • Hélène Pacquin Cantarella and the Legacy of Anti-Fascism in America: a Tribute to a Woman of Courage and Elegance, page 382.

George C. Schoolfield:

  • Hjalmar Söderberg.  The Serious Game. Translated by Eva Claeson. London: Marion Boyars Publishers. 2001, page 390.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Metafrassi ’00: Revue de la TraductionVol. 6, 2000. Edited by Odette Varon Vassard. Association Metafrassi. Athens, Greece, page 394.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • Meditation on the Word And, page 400.