Fall 2002

Fall 2002

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2002 edition of Metamorphoses.
Some of the selections are linked and available on-line; the complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

Adam J. Sorkin and Radu Andriescu:

Radu Andriescu, Translated from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and the poet:

James O’Brien:

  • Introduction: Two Japanese Poets, page 58.

Kitahara Hakushu, Translated from the Japanese by James O’Brien:

Haiwara Sakutaro, Translated from the Japanese by James O’Brien:

Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Introduction: Four Old French Lyrics, page 86.

Anonymous, Translated from the Old French by Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Cant voi l’aube dou jor venir, page 88.

Thibaut de Champagne, Translated from the Old French by Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Ausi conme unicorne sui, page 90.

Conon de Béthune, Translated from the Old French by Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Ce fut l’autrier en un autre païs, page 94.

Anonymous, Translated from the Old French by Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Bele Doette as fenestres se siet, page 98.

François Villon, Translated from the Old French by Maurice Z. Shroder and Patricia Terry and introduced by Patricia Terry:

  • Ballade que Villon feist a la requeste de sa mere pour prier nostre dame, page 102.
  • Ballade des femmes du temps jadis, page 104.

Emily Dickinson, Translated into Spanish by Marta Dahlgren:

  • After Great Pain, page 108.
  • My Life Had Stood—A Loaded Gun, page 108.
  • The Auctioneer of Parting, page 110.

Juan Cameron, Translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen:

  • Álvaro de Campos, page 112.
  • Extrañas Circunstancias, page 112.
  • Escrituras, page 114.
  • Bolero, page 114.
  • Sobre el Talento, page 116.
  • Carte de Viaje, page 118.
  • Érase una Vez, page 118.
  • Doble Juego, page 120.
  • Tranås, page 122.
  • Retirada, page 122.

Lorena Terando:

  • Introduction, page 124

Consuelo Avila, Translated from the Spanish by Lorena Terando:

  • From Bajo Mis Pies No Florecen Amapolas:
    • Compañero, page 128.
    • Miedo, page 128.
    • Caracoles, page 130.
    • Conversación, page 130.
    • Soledad, page 130.
    • Celos, page 132.
    • Deja, page 132.
    • Prisión, page 134.

Salvatore Quasimodo, Translated from the Italian by Melinda Kennedy:

  • Auschwitz, page 136.

Hans Sahl, Translated from the German by Walter Hess:

  • Die Letzten, page 140.
  • Die Ballade Von Den Getragenen Sachen, page 142.

Carlos de Oliveira, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

  • Estalactite, page 144.

Adília Lopes, Translated from the Portuguese and introduced by Charles Cutler:

Marguerite Itamar Harrison:

  • Introduction, page 180.

Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares, Translated from the Portuguese by Marguerite Itamar Harrison:

  • Pequena Mulher a Caminho, page 182.
  • Um Assassino, page 182.
  • Doutor em Filosofia e a Manicure de Doutores, page 182.

Hernando Tellez, Translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Gabrielle Edwards:

  • Lather and Nothing Else, page 188.

Julio Paredes, Translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Gabrielle Edwards:

  • Eme, page 192.

Kornel Filipowicz, Translated from the Polish and introduced by Stephanie Kraft:

Mikhail Bulgakov, adapted by Veniamin Smekhov, Translated from the Russian and introduced by Alexander and Catherine Woronzoff-Dashkoff:

  • A Dramatic Montage in Two Acts Based on the Novel Master and Margarita, page 214.
  • Satan’s Ball, page 216.
  • By Candlelight, page 218.

Martin McKinsey:

  • Tales from the Grid: The Modern Greek Short Story, page 224.

Christoforos Milionis, Translated by Martin McKinsey:

Nikos Houliaras, Translated by Martin McKinsey:

  • An Afternoon in the Life of Kostakis Darabassinas, page 232.

Dimitris Nollas, Translated by Martin McKinsey:

  • Strategies of Boredom, page 235.

Sotiris Dimitrou, Translated by Martin McKinsey:

  • The Wiring, page 240.

Andonis Sourounis, Translated by Martin McKinsey:

  • With Spiro Hursutoglu in the Salonica Bar, page 244.

Ioanna Karystiani, Translated by Jane Assimakopoulos:

  • Lickety Split, page 251.

Sophia Nikolaïdou, Translated by Jane Assimakopoulos:

  • One Blonde, Well Done, page 261.

Ersi Soitripoulou, Translated by Jane Assimakopoulos:

  • Camelpig, page 262.

Kay Cicellis, Translated by Stavros Deligiorgis:

  • The Dance of the Hours, page 276.

Michel Fais, Translated by Stavros Deligiorgis:

  • Apricot Cheeks, Rockcherry Lips, page 280.

Thalia Pandiri:

Christoforos Milionis, Translated by Thalia Pandiri:

Cola Franzen:

  •  Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz. Edible Amazonia: Twenty-One Poems from God’s Amazonian Recipe Book, Translated by Steven Ford Brown and with a prologue by Marjorie Agosin. Bilingual Edition. Fayetteville, NY: Bitter Oleander Press, 2002, page 308.

Orm Øverland:

  • North in the World: Selected Poems of Rolf Jacobsen.
    A Bilingual Edition. Translated, edited and introduced by Roger Greenwald.  Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2002, page 310.

Venko Andonovski:

  • Under the Metonymy Banner: The Poetry of Bogomil Gjuzel. Bogomil Gjuzel. The Wolf at the Door. Translated by P.H. Liotta. Introduced by Charles Simic. Riverside, CA: Xenos Books, 2001, page 313.

Kalina Maleski:

  • Luring the Original: Bogomil Gjuzel in English. Bogomil Gjuzel. The Wolf at the Door. Translated by P.H. Liotta. Introduced by Charles Simic. Riverside, CA: Xenos Books, 2001, page 317.

Melinda Kennedy:

  • Subjunctive, page 320.
  • The Preposition, For Ever and Ever, page 322.