Fall 2003

Fall 2003

The following is the Table of Contents from theFall 2003 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 12.

Luc Gilleman:

  • Hugo Claus and the Myth of Flanders: Translating the Ooostakkerse Gedichten, page 21.

Hugo Claus, Translated from Flemish by Luc Gilleman:

  • Oude Man Met Varkan, page 34.
  • De Moeder, page 36.
  • Een Vader, page 38.
  • Een Magd, page 40.
  • De Regenkoning, page 42.

Carol Lasker:

  • Olga Kirsch: Ghosts, Memories, Echoes, page 44.

Olga Kirsch, Translated from the Afrikaans by Carrol Lasker:

  • Vyf Sonnette Aan My Vader, page 46.

Rainer Maria Rilke:

  • Translated from the German by Annie Boutelle:
    • Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes., page 52.
  • Translated from the French by Annie Boutelle:
    • The Little Year of the Vine, page 58.

Martin McKinsey:

  • Introduction to “Bolivar,” page 61.

Nikos Engonopoulos, Translated from the Greek by Martin McKinsey:

  • Bolivar: A Greek Poem, page 64.

André Chénier, Translated from the French by Michael Ferber:

  • La Jeune Captive, page 88.

Alexander Pushkin, Translated from the French by Michael Ferber:

  • André Chénier, page 92.

Kazuko Shiraihi, Translated from the Japanese by Samuel Grolmes and Yumiko Tsumura:

  • I Have Never Been Anything Like Pink, page 94.
  • My Floating Mother, City, page 95.
  • The Ones in the Sky, page 98.
  • To Go, page 99.

Ioana Ieronim, Translated from the Romanian by Adam Sorkin:

  • Scari rulante, page 108.
  • Zmeu rupt din franghie, page 114.
  • Ganditorul, page 116.
  • Scena de gen: carciuma, page 118.
  • Matanii carpatine, page 120.
  • Diferenpa culturala, page 122.
  • Replica, page 122.

Melih Cevdet Anday, Translated from the Turkish by George Messo:

  • Olmus Bir Arkadastan Mektup, page 124.
  • Fotograf, page 124.
  • Agiz Mizikasi, page 126.
  • Serce, page 126.
  • Agaclarin Yukardaki Yapraklari, page 126.
  • Yalinayak, page 128.
  • Bagislayin Hepimizi, page 128.

Giovanni Raboni, Translated from the Italian by Donald Gecewicz:

  • Ogni Terzo Pensiero, page 130.

Claudio Rodriguez, Translated from the Spanish by Joan Lindgren:

  • Calle Sin Nombre, page 132.
  • Los Almendros de Marialba, page 132.

David Huerta, Translated from the Spanish by Nick Hill:

  • Noviazgo, page 142.
  • Boleto en Armagedón, page 146.

Vergil, Translated from the Latin by Kimberly Johnson:

  • Georgics I. 71-146, page 148.

P. Papinius Statius, Translated from the Latin by Betty Rose Nagle:

  • Somnus, from Silvae, 5.4, page 154.

Mario Materassi:

  • The Story of Two Stories, page 158.:
    • Translated into English by Mario Materassi, page 162.
    • Translated into Italian by Mario Materassi, page 163.
    • Translated into Portuguese by Adriana Bebiano, page 164.
    • Translated into Spanish by Giambattista Menei, page 166.
    • Translated into Hungarian by Imre Barna, page 167.
    • Translated into Slovenian by Sasa Benulic, page 168.
    • Translated into Hebrew by Ziva Ben-Porat, page 170.
    • Translated into Danish by Jan Nordby Gretlund, page 172.

Elke Heidenreich, Translated from the German by Sarah Barr:

  • Love, page 176.

Alejandro Aguilar, Translated from the Spanish by Cristina de la Torre:

  • Negrito, the Chinese Sugar Man, page 190.

Song Yong, Translated from the Korean by Joonseong Park:

  • At the Stairs, page 193.

Friedrich Torberg, Translated from the German by Maria Poglitsch Bauer:

  • Aunt Jolesch in Person, page 205.

Elif Shafak, Translated from the Turkish by Fa:

  • Excerpt from The Flea Palace, page 211.

Roger Greenwald:

  • Row the Boat Ashore, page 216.

John Duval:

  • The First Author, page 222.

Edgardo Holzman:

  • The Big Shlep, page 227.