Fall 2009

Fall 2009

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2009 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 12.

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra:

Astrid Cabral, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • River of Yesteryear, page 40.
  • Urubamba, page 42.
  • First Mirror, page 44.

Amanda Aizpuriete, Translated from the Latvian by Inara Cedrins:

  • [Untitled], page 46.

Margareta Ekström, Translated from the Swedish by Eva Claeson:

  • Before She Was Born, page 52.
  • About Heritage, page 52.
  • When She Was Very New, page 54.
  • In the Morning, page 56.
  • At the Window, page 58.
  • At the Country Cottage, page 60.
  • Very Close, page 62.
  • The Blind Wall, page 62.
  • About I and Dead, page 64.

René Villard, Translated from the French by J. Kates:

  • The Cemetery of Saint-Nic, page 66.

Cecco Angiolieri, Translated from the Italian by Brett Foster:

  • Deadbeat Dad, page 68.
  • Just Do It, page 68.
  • Our Dead Dads: A Celebration, page 70.
  • Relentlessly Remorseful, page 70.

Mila Ramos, Translated from the Spanish by Natalia Carbajosa:

  • Europa, page 74.
  • Gaza, page 74.

Gracia Iglesias, Translated from the Spanish by Natalia Carbajosa:

  • There was a Mermaid in my Glass of Water, page 78.
  • An Intoxicating Pleasure, page 80.

George Seferis, Translated from the Greek by Miltiades Matthias:

  • Pantoum, page 82.

Yehudit Ben Zvi Heller, Translated from the Hebrew by the poet:

  • [Untitled], page 86.
  • Morning Walk, page 86.
  • Hansel and Gretel, page 86.

Hezy Leskly, Translated from the Hebrew by Adriana X. Jacobs:

  • [Untitled], page 90.
  • The Hour of Complete Forgetting, page 90.
  • An excerpt from Poetry, page 92,

Apollonius of Rhodes, Translated from the Ancient Greek by Aaron Poochigian:

  • Aphrodite Welcomes Hera and Athena to Her Home, page 94.
  • The Trials of Jason, page 104.

Julia Franck, Translated from the German by Nedra E. Bickham:

  • Crumb Cake, page 114.

Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Translated from the German by Ingrid Lansford:

  • The Monastery, page 116.

Keto von Waberer, Translated from the German by Ingrid Lansford:

  • High Fashion, page 121.

Cristina Fernández-Cubas, Translated from the Spanish by Andrea E. Olsen:

  • Death in Captivity, page 128.

Espido Freire, Translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei:

  • The Black Sheep, page 143.

Yoshiro Takayashu, Translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei:

  • Memory and Infidelity, page 145.

Susan Matthias:

  • Translator’s Introduction to excerpt from The Lissome Maiden by Andreas Karkavitsas, page 147.

Andreas Karkavitsas, Translated from the Greek by Susan Matthias:

  • Excerpt from Chapter 3 “The Celebrants,” from the [1890] novel The Lissome Maiden, page 151.

Lydia M. Oram:

  • Review: Nicanor Parra, After-Dinner Declarations, page 169.
  • Review: An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry from Spain: In English Translation, with Original Text, page 187.
  • Review: An Anthology of Modern Italian Poetry: In English Translation, with Italian Text, page 191.

Maria Nemcová Banerjee:

  • Review: Ivan Divis, The Old Man’s Verses, page 172.

Marguerite Itamar Harrison:

  • Review: The Underbelly of (Brazilian Society) Laid Bare: Nelson Rodrigues, Life As It Is: Selected Stories, page 180.

Carolyn Shread:

  • Review: Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Sarah, page 183.