Fall 2012

Fall 2012

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2012 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

Ovid, Translated from the Latin by Christopher Michael Brunelle:

  • How to Mother a Minotaur, page 16.

Ælfric Of Eynsham, Edited and translated from the Old English by DerekJ. Updegraff:

  • The Life of St. Æthelthryth

François Villon, Translated from the French by Samuel Danon:

  • Ballade of the Ladies of Long Ago, page 30.
  • Ballade of the Lords of LongAgo, page 30.
  • Another Ballade, page 30.

Charles Baudelaire, Translated from the French by Jan Owen:

  • Page 38:
    • The Lovers’ Wine
    • The Loner’sWine
    • The Ragpickers’ Wine
    • The Murderer’s Wine

Jean de la Ceppède, Translated from the French by Lance Levens:

  • Book I Sonnet #23, page 48.
  • Book III Sonnet #85, page 48.

Aldo Pellegrini, Translated from the Spanish by Leora S. Fridman with Marina Kaplan, Robert Kaplan, Reyes Lazaro:

  • Page 52:
    • System of Discipline
    • Someone Waking Up
    • Need for the Adding Machine
    • The Heart of All Faces
    • One More Show

Penn Kemp, Translated from the English into Spanish by María Luz González Rodríguez:

  • Not Waving But Drowning, page 62.

Luís de Camöes, Translated from the Portuguese by Dan McNerney:

  • Mote Alheio, page 66.
  • Voltas Próprias, page 66.

Gastão Cruz, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • Page 68:
    • Youths at the Entrance to the Chiado
    • Under the Sun
    • Note
    • The Name of that Body
    • Ebb Tide
    • Task
    • Oxymorons for an Absence

Paula Gândara, Translated from the Portuguese by Philip Eugene Krummrich:

  • Coimbra, the Unfamiliar Memory Photographs, page 76.
  • Photographs, page 76.
  • Belém Pier, page 76.

Word of Mouth Poet’s Collective, Translated by the Word of Mouth Poet’s Collective:

  • Contemporary Russian Women’s Poetry, page 84.

Gráinne Tobin:

  • Note on Translating Galina Gamper’s “The Seagulls’ Creaking Cry,” page 85.

Natasha Cuddington:

  • Note on Translating Galina Gamper’s “We Are Going Out,” page 87.

Galina Gamper:

  • The Seagulls’ Creaking Cry, Translated from the Russian by Gráinne Tobin, page 88.
  • We Are Going Out, Translated from the Russian by Natasha Cuddington, page 90.

Galina Usova:

  • The Laurel Branch, Translated from the Russian by Eilish Martin, page 92.
  • The Laurel Branch, Translated from the Russian by Ann Zell, page 94.
  • December, Translated from the Russian by Ann Zell, page 94.

Alla Mikhalevich, Translated from the Russian by Sally Wheeler:

  • Wasps (I), page 98.
  • Two Almost Equal Seasons Fill the Year, page 98.

Xánath Caraza:

  • In the Time of Nahuatl, page 102.
  • Poems in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl:
    • Rings of Stone, page 106.
    • Ancestral, Feminine Strength, page 106.
    • Mujer, page 114.
  • Amiquizltli, Translated with the poet into English by Stephen Holland-Wempe and into Nahuatl with Rafaela Enríquez-Meijía, page 116.

Eric Sellin:

  • Poetic Compromises and the Uncertainty Principle: Translating Verhaeren’s “Le Navire,” page 122.

Emile Verhaeren, Translated from the French by Eric Sellin:

  • The Ship, page 132.

Epitácio Pais, Translated from the Portuguese by Paul Melo e Castro:

  • Translator’s Introduction, page 134.
  • Munu, page 134.

Adriana Lunardi, Translated from the Portuguese by Marguerite Itamar Harrison:

  • Victoria, page 147.

Meir Aron Goldschmidt, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Under a Spell I: A Legend Retold, page 155.

Jan Sonnergaard, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Do You Believe in Life After Love?, page 166.

Mónica Lavín, Translated from the Spanish by Patricia Dubrava:

  • The Letter, page 178.

Ilias Venezis, Translated from the Greek by Miltiades and Susan Matthias:

  • The Seagulls, page 182.

Cooper Renner:

Contributors, page 194.


Errata et Corrigenda;

  • Volume 20.1 (Spring 2012)
    • The last name of contributors Vado Muskheli and Veronica Muskheli was misspelled.