Fall 2015

Fall 2015

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2015 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief:

Roger Lass:

Patricia E. Frederick:

  • “Four Moments” by Amin Maalouf, page 30.

Amin Maalouf, Translated from the French by Patricia E. Frederick:

  • Four Moments, page 32.

Tayseer Al-Sboul, Translated from the Arabic by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari:

  • The Final Shore, page 38.

Ashraf Zaghal, Translated from the Arabic by Ghada Mourad:

  • Self, page 44.

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Idris Al-Shafici, Translated from the Arabic from Barbara Romaine:

  • Let the days be, for they’ll do as they will, page 48.

Alcman, Translated from the Ancient Greek by Tim Brelinski:

  • Fragment 89, page 50.
  • Fragment 26 / After Alcman 26, page 50.

Sextus Propertius, Translated from the Latin by Chris Childers:

  • 4.7 Ghosts do exist. All things don’t end with dying., page 52.

Ælfric, Edited and translated from the Old English by Derek Updegraff:

  • The Life of St. George, page 58.

Four Anonymous Gascon Poems, Translated from the Gascon (French):

  • Farewell, Margaridette, page 68.
  • Jeanne Feels Unwell, page 70.
  • Margaret, My Sweet, page 72.
  • Good Day, My Lovely Lass, page 74.

Jibanananda Das, Translated from the Bengali (Bangla) by Srinjay Chakravarti:

  • Give Me Your Word, page 78.
  • River Kite, page 80.

Bhaskar Chakraborty, Translated from the Bengali (Bangla) by Manash Bhattacharjee:

  • Bad Times, page 82.

Ulalume González de León, Translated from the Spanish by Terry Ehret, John Johnson, Nancy Morales:

  • Semantic Engagements, page 84.
  • Word, page 84.

Salgado Maranhão, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • 2…and to what hands do I dedicate, page 86.
  • 4 Beneath teh small appeals of this, page 86.
  • Interfaces, page 88.

Srecko Kosovel, Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar:

  • Talk at twilight, page 90.
  • Swaying in the wind, page 90.
  • A village, page 92.
  • Suburb in the snow, page 94.

Mikhail Matveyevich Kheraskov, Translated from the Russian by Brendan Kiernan:

  • Canto I, page 96.

Larisa Emilyanovna Miller, Translated from the Russian by Rebecca L. Thompson:

  • You and I…, page 100.
  • I Know the Quiet Horizon, page 100.
  • Our Soul, page 102.

Slava Nurgaliev, Translated from the Russian by Yevgeniy Sokolovsky:

  • The swifts are scissors busy with the azure,, page 104.

Endre Ady, Translated from the Hungarian by Paul Sohar:

  • Cadaver on the Wheatfield, page 106.

Avrom Sutzkever, Translated from the Yiddish by Zackary Sholem Berger:

  • From Diary Poems, page 108.
  • Ode to the Dove VI, page 110.

Marie-Célie Agnant, Translated from the French by Corine Tachtiris:

  • Travail, page 112.

Emmanuel Merle, Translated from the French by Jennifer Barber:

  • From Ici en exil (2012), page 120.

Paul Valéry, Translated from the French by John Anson:

  • Disaster, page 122.

Douglas Basford:

  • Introduction to Il Burchiello, page 124.

Il Burchiello, Translated from the Italian by Douglas Basford:

  • No Party Too Small, page 128.
  • One Doesn’t Say Such Things, page 130.
  • Careful What You Ask For, page 132.
  • I’m Pushed to Extremes, page 134.

Eugenio Montale, Translated from the Italian by Alfonso Procaccini:

  • The Eel, page 136.
  • From Cuttlefish Bones, page 138.

Vita Andersen, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Friday, page 140.
  • Saturday, page 140.
  • Sunday, page 142.

Per Aage Brandt, Translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee:

  • 50 existence, for god’s sake,, page 146.
  • 49 why should one rant and rage, page 146.
  • 44 she stands at the window, which, page 146.

Marianne Koluda Hansen, Translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman:

  • Dear Girlfriends, page 148.
  • Average Neuroses, page 150.

Stefano Benni, Translated from the Italian by Amelia Linsky:

  • Autogrill Horror: The Boy With the Mohawk’s Tale, page 162.

Saadat Hasan Manto, Translated from the Urdu by Aftah Ahmad and Matt Reeck:

  • God Save Us From Our Sins, page 167.

Ibrahim Samuel, Translated from the Arabic by Tarek Shamma:

  • That Sunday Morning, page 174.

Maria Elsa De Rocha, Translated from the Portuguese by Paul Melo e Castro:

  • The Bangle Seller, page 178.

Henri Bosco, Translated from the French by Joyce Zonana:

  • Megremut [opening of Chapter One of novel Malicroix], page 185.

Raphael Confiant, Translated from the French/Creole by Patricia Hartland:

  • Prophecy of Nights [from opening chapter of Ravines du devant-jour / Ravines of Early Morning], page 195.

Marcello D’Orta, Translated from the Italian by Lydia Miranda Oram:

  • Excerpt from Io Speriamo Che Me La Cavo: Sessanta Temi di Bambini Napoletani (Me, Let’s Hope I’ll Manage: Sixty Compositions by Neapolitan Children) and Dio Ci Ha Creato Gratis: Il Vangelo Secondo i Bambini di Arzano (God Created Us Free of Charge: The Gospel According to the Children of Arzano), page 203.

Paul Scheerbart, Translated from the German by Joel Morris:

  • Malwu The Helmsman: A Vesta Novelette (from the 1912 collection Astral Novelletes [Astrale Novelleten], Munich: Georg Müller), page 208.

Ib Michael, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • The Source, page 215.

Franz Fühmann, Translated from the German by Andrew B. B. Hamilton:

  • The Street of Perversions, page 230.

Petri Tamminen, Translated from the Finnish by Jill Timbers:

  • Just Five Lines, page 238.

Augusto Segre, Translated from the Italian by Steve Siporin:

  • Jachetu’s Ring, page 241.

Nhat Linh (1906-1963), Translated from the Vietnamese by Quan Manh Ha:

  • (From the short-story collection Darkness, 1936):
    • Two Sisters, page 251.
    • Half Dead, page 256.

Simões Lopes Neto, Translated from the Portuguese by Rosalia Garcia:

  • Marshland, page 261.

Dale Jacobson:

Thalia Pandiri: