Fall 2019

Fall 2019

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2019 issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief:

Anonymous, Translated from the Old English by Donald Mace Williams:

  • Beowulf, Ll. 64-125, page 14.

Georg Heym, Translated from the German by William Ruleman:

  • The City in the Clouds, page 18.
  • The Ocean Cities, page 20.
  • Castles, page 22.

Xánath Caraza, Translated from the Spanish by Sandra Kingery:

  • Three Poems:
    • 9. (it is the people’s pain), page 24.
    • 10. (Nacre clouds), page 26.
    • 34. (Mediate in this mechanical navigation), page 28.

Maria Teresa Horta, Translated from the Portuguese by Edite Cunhā and M.B. McLatchey:

  • From Mutiny to Mutiny, page 36.
  • Deliriums, page 36.
  • Furtive Steps, page 38.
  • Poem After Poem, page 38.

Isolde Kurz, Translated from the German by Becca Menon:

  • A Friend is Holding Me in Royal Chains, page 40.

Meleagros, Translated from the Ancient Greek by Philip S. Peek:

  • I saw, strolling down the road at midday, Alexis, page 42.

Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus), Translated from the Latin by A.Z. Foreman:

  • Selections from the epic Bellum Civile:
    • (1.1-82), page 44.
    • (7.617-46 The Defeat at Pharsalus), page 50.

Antonio Gomes Leal, Translated from the Portuguese by Ranald Barnicot:

  • Lisbon, page 52.

Kareem Al-Iraqi, Translated from the Arabic by Houssem Ben Lazreg:

  • The Coat, page 56.
  • So Much Talk, page 58.

Muhemmetjan Rashidin, Translated from the Uyghur by Chuen-Fung Wong:

  • Ttughulmighanlargha | To The Unborn, page 60.

Asselin Charles:

  • Translating Dézafi, page 64.

Frankétienne, Translated from the Haitian Kreyòl by Asselin Charles:

  • Selected Excerpts from Dézafi, page 68.

Bayir Dugarov, Translated from the Russian by J. Kates:

René Depestre, Translated from the French by Asselin Charles:

  • Memoir of Géolibertinage, page 80.

Manoranjan Byapari, Translated from the Bengali by V. Ramaswamy:

  • The Custom, page 93.

Maria Mercè Roca, Translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland:

  • The Dolphin, page 106.

Xiao Tie, Translated from the Chinese by Kimberly Wright:

  • The Well, page 109.

Khalil I. Al-Fuzai, Translated from the Arabic by Gassim H. Dohal:

  • Elapsing Days, page 117.

S. Vijayalakshmi, Translated from the Tamil by Thila Varghese:

  • Bridging the Gender Gap with Love, page 120.

Hersh Smoliar, Translated from the Yiddish by Ruth Murphy and Edited by Catherine Madsen:

  • The Family, page 128.
  • Resurrection of the Dead, page 132.

Justin Cammy:

  • Salomea Perl and Yiddish Fiction by Women, page 135.

Salomea Perl, Translated from the Yiddish by Ruth Murphy:

  • The Canvas, page 144.
  • The Theater, page 147.
  • Khaykl Latnik (A Sketch), page 155.
  • Potki with the Eyebrows, page 159.
  • Childless, page 171.
  • Seeking Bread, page 180.
  • Tsipke, page 188.

Contributors, page 197.