Fall 2020 (28.2)

Fall 2020

The following is the Table of Contents from the Fall 2020 issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief:

In This Issue, page 10.

Xánath Caraza, Translated from the Spanish into English by Sandra Kingery, into Greek by Natasa Lambrou, into French by Justine Temeyis- sa, into Italian by Anna Lombardo, and into Romanian by Tudor Șerbănescu.

  • Secret, page 16.

Nancy Naomi Carlson

  • Khal Torabully: A Brief Introduction, page

Khal Torabully, Translated from the French by Nancy Naomi Carlson

  • Pages From a Ship’s Missing Registry, page 26.
  • Count The Wind, page 28.
  • Lightning is a Bit of Burnt Sky, page 28.
  • Pacts Retract, page 30.
  • I’ve Always Heard, page 30.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Translated from the German by Susan McLean

  • The Sisters, page 32.
  • The Standard-Bearer, page 34.
  • Mohammed’s Summoning, page 34.
  • Lullaby, page 36.
  • Roman Compagna, page 36.

Narcís Comadira, Translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland

  • Poetry, page 38.
  • Four Words, page 40.
  • Lullaby, page 42.
  • Rusty Sun, page 44.
  • Tomorrow, page 46.
  • For Ferran, With A Milosz in The Background, page 48.

Natália Borges Polesso, Translated from the Portuguese by Marguerite Itamar Harrison

  • Girl, page 50.

Jarid Arraes, Translated from the Portuguese by Marguerite Itamar Harrison

  • The Hand You’re Dealt, page 52.

Marcelino Freire, Translated from the Portuguese by Marguerite Itamar Harrison

  • Zinho, page 56.

Astrid Cabral, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

  • On the Eve of Violets, page 58.
  • Walden, page 58.
  • Lesson of Adolescence, page 58.
  • Good-bye Green, page 60.

Thomas Wahlberg, Translated from the Swedish by Sarah Hollister

  • See the Men, page 62.
  • Request, page 62.

Hedd Wynn, Translated from the Welsh by Ruth Ceri Jones

  • War, page 64.

Carmen Váscones, Translated from the Spanish by Alexis Levitin

  • Diminutives Come from My Mouth, page 66.
  • Banished With the Others, page 66.

Hans Andreus, Translated from the Dutch by Arno Bohlmeijer

  • For A Day Drawing Near, page 68.

Arno Bohlmeijer

  • Translating Hans Andreus, page 70.

Kathrin Schmidt, Translated from the German by Sue Vickerman

  • Under Wraps, page 72.

Ruth Murphy

  • Children As Partisans In Hersh Smoliar’s Yidn On Gele Lates (Jews Without Yellow Patches), page 76.

Hersh Smoliar, Translated from the Yiddish by Ruth Murphy; Edited by Catherine Madsen

  • Night Of the White Devils, page 78.
  • The President of Our Capital, page 86.

Shloyme Gilbert, Translated from the Yiddish by Abigail Weaver

  • The City: A Fantasy, page 90.

Boris Nikolaevich Polozov, Translated from the Russian by Vladimiar Hamed-Troyansky

  • Snake Charmer, page 92.

Cristiane Sobral, Translated from the Portuguese by Cecília Rodrigues

  • The Flying Carpet, page 104.

Christiana De Caldas Brito, Translated from the Italian by Giovanna Bellesia-Contuzzi and
Lilian Rose McCarthy

  • Chronicle Of a Feijoada Brasileira, page

Leoba (Leobgytha), Translated from the Latin by Rob Hardy

  • Letter From Leoba (Leobgytha) To St. Boniface (Ca 732), page 116.

David Ball

Alice R. Clemente

  • Review: Raul Brandão, The Unknown Islands, page

Contributors, page 140.