Arab World Double Issue 2011

Special Arab World Double Issue

The following is the Table of Contents from the Special Arabic Double Issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

Mohamed El-Sawi Hassan and Nahla Khalil:

  • Perspectives in Arabic Translation: Identity and Memory, page 18.

Ibn Khafaja, Translated from the Arabic by Alex Foreman:

  • Words Spoken in Contemplation, page 26.

Hassan Najmi, Translated from the Arabic by Mbarek Sryfi and Eric Sellin:

  • Starting on page 31:
    • Cogito
    • A Little Woman
    • The Window
    • Death of a Little Girl
    • The Inn
    • The Station Square
    • N.A.
    • The Blueness of the Evening
    • The Desert
    • The Empty Chair
    • Seagull
    • Message in a Bottle
    • The Daughters
    • A Room in Rome
    • Sands
    • The Violins
    • The Runaway’s Nostalgia
    • The Dead Man
    • Whispers
    • The Rain in the Poem
    • A Cloud

Mohamed Mahmud Al-Zubairi, Translated from the Arabic by Vartan Gubbins:

  • A Yamani Poem, page 74.

Amina Said, Translated from the French by Peter Thompson:

  • An Untitled Poem (a despairing dawn), page 78.

Nabil Farès, Arabic and Spanish by the poet. Translated from the Spanish by Mark Berg:

  • Starting on page 82:
    • Heroism of an Arab in the Mantle of a Poet
    • Free Sail
    • Of the Green Meadows
    • A Meeting with my Son at his Birth
    • Lament for the Ruins of Medina Asahra Before, During, After
    • From the Other Shore
    • Taqasim
    • Poetry Lesson
    • The Poet’s Clay

Mark Berg:

  • Interview with Mahmud Sobh, page 128.

Bassem Al-Meraiby, Translated from the Arabic into Swedish by Mohamed Jasine, translated from the Swedish into English by Eva Claeson:

  • Starting on page 138:
    • Whenever the Stars Shine on the Eyes of a Lover
    • Every Beautiful Girl’s Mouth Owes Me a Kiss
    • The Wolf’s Reflection in the Mirror
    • Portrait of a Poet
    • I Often remember Van Gogh
    • Roots
    • There are Still Boats That Have Not Arrived
    • When the Poet Raises his Mirror
    • With my Sobbing Finger I Point to my Land

Salah Al-Hamdani, Arabic, translated/recreated into French by the poet with Isabelle Lagny, Translated from the French by Sonia Alland (from Arrogance of the Days):

  • Starting on page 155:
    • Baghdad
    • XIITH View: Red Mourning
    • A Day in Childhood, Intensely
    • The Beacon of Makeshift Houses
    • The City of Sand
    • If One of Us Died?
    • A Homeland
    • The Necrologist

Isabelle Lagny, Translated from the French by Sonia Alland:

  • Return to Baghdad: Translating with Salah Al-Hamdani, An Iraqi Poet who Writes in Arabic and French, page 180.

Stephanie Fauver:

  • Translator’s Introduction to “A Pillar in the Tower of Babel,” page 211.

Dhu Al-Nun Ayyub, Translated from the Arabic by Stephanie Fauver:

  • A Pillar in the Tower of Babel, page 214.

Mahmood Jindary, Translated from the Arabic by Sattar Izwaini:

  • The Castle, page 224.

Sattar Izwaini:

  • A Commentary on Mahmood Jindary’s “The Castle,” page 239.

Ahmed Zaghlool Alsheety, Translated from the Arabic by Mona Elnamoury:

  • Three Green Canaries, page 245.

Mounir Otaiba, Translated from the Arabic by Lobna A. Ismail:

  • Nine Blue Beads for the Coming One, page 250.

Haifa Bitar, Translated from the Arabic by John Peate:

  • Between the A and the Z, page 254.

Salwa Bakr, Translated from the Arabic by Amira al-Ziqrid:

  • My Grandma’s Provisions, page 260.

Rachid Nini, Translated from the Arabic by Alice Guthrie:

  • An Extract from Diaries of a Clandestine Migrant, page 263.

Mohammed Khudeir, Translated from the Arabic by Rafed A. Khashan and Bob Blanchard:

  • Translator’s Introduction, page 276.
  • The Pilgrim, page 276.

Ibtissam Bouachrine:

  • Rethinking the Moroccan-Spanish Border Through Translation, page 281.

Khaled Mahmoud Tawfik:

  • Compensation Strategies Adopted in Translating Arabic-Bound Ambiguity in the Holy Qur’an: A Study of Three Translations, page 295.

Fadel K. Jabr:

  • The Children of Gilgamesh: A Half Century of Modern Iraqi Poetry, page 341.

Nicole Ball:

Yvonne Freccero:

Meriem Pagès and Robert G. Sullivan:

Katwiwa Mule:


Martin Walkow:

  • An old man in the antechamber of the funerary hall of the funerary mosque and madrasa of Sultan Qurqamaas al Sayfiy, Al Kulafa Cemetery, Cairo, Egypt, page 30.
  • A children’s choir practicing in a restored Caravanserai near Bab al Nasr, Cairo, Egypt, page 202.
  • The courtyard of the Umayyad mosque, Aleppo, Syria, page 203.
  • CD: Courtyard of Azam Palace in Hama, Syria, shaded by fig trees. In the background is an iwan, a large niche for sitting, typical of such inner courts in Syria.

Lydia Harrington:

  • Medina door, Fes, Morocco, page 199.
  • Petra, Syria, page 210.

Margaret Horsnell:

  • Sudanese musicians, page 200.
  • Berber tent, Moroccan Sahara, page 204.
  • Resting camel train, Moroccan Sahara, page 205.
  • Women buying groceries, Marrakech souq, Morocco, page 205.
  • Woman weaving, Aït Benhaddou, Morocco, page 208.
  • Berber rugs, page 209.
  • Sudanese dancers resting, page 209.