Spring 2005

Spring 2005

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2005 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 12.

Odysseas Elytis, Translated from the Greek by Martin McKinsey:

  • Hyacinth Concert, page 22.

Anacreon, Translated from the Classical Greek by Paul Statt:

  • The Motley-Sandaled Girl, page 40.

Giampiero Neri:

  • Translator’s Introduction by Victoria Surliuga, page 42.
  • Translator’s Introduction by Ron Banerjee, page 43.
  • Translated from the Italian by Victoria Surliuga:
    • Delle Misure, Dei Pesi (Of Measuremnts, Of Weights), page 44.
    • Villa Nena, page 46.
    • Storia Naturale (Natural History), page 48.
  • Translated from the Italian by Ron Banerjee:
    • Natura (Nature), page 50.
    • Uccelli (Birds), page 52.
    • Caffé di Inverigo (The Café at Inverigo), page 54.
    • A Victoria Surliuga (For Victoria Surliuga), page 56.
    • Intermezzo (Intermission), page 58.
    • Mimesi (Mimesis), page 60.
    • Origine (Origin), page 62.
    • Una Mostra di Pittura del ’32 (A Picture Show of 1932), page 64.
    • Persona Seconda (Second Person), page 66.
    • Untitled, page 68.
    • Untitled, page 72.

Doris Runey, Translated from the Romanian by the poet:

  • Dudul the Mulberry Tree, page 74.

Raffaello Baldini, Translated from Romagnolo dialect into Italian by the poet, translated from Italian into English by Adria Bernardi:

  • The Comedy, page 76.
  • Fussbudget, page 82.
  • Stricken, page 88.
  • The Will, page 94.

Günter Kunert, Translated from the German by Gerald Chapple:

  • Viewing, page 98.
  • Definition, page 100.
  • Sign, page 102.
  • Remembering III, page 104.
  • My Contribution to Balkan History, page 106.

Germán Guerra, Translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen:

  • Martí, page 108.
  • A Circus, A Universe, page 112.
  • The City and the Edge of the Island, page 114.
  • Sojourn in Pompeii and Herculaneum, page 116.
  • Ming Y/ the Dimming of the Light, page 118.

Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, Introduced and translated from the Spanish by Ivan Cañadas:

  • A Mighty Lord is Master Gold (c. 1600), page 120.

Shi-Jing, Introduced and translated from the Classical Chinese by Michael Farman:

  • (The Book of Songs)
    • Consider the Rat, page 128.
    • The Han River, page 130.
    • North Wind, page 132.
    • The Ospreys, page 134.
    • Rabbit’s Running, page 136.
    • Splendor of the Lily, page 138.
    • Swan Geese, page 140.

Juan Armando Rojas, Translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Rathbun:

  • Book, page 142.
  • Telescope, page 144.
  • Map, page 146.
  • Memory, page 148.
  • Flight, page 150.

Ted Hughes, Translated into Macedonian from The Birthday Letters by Bogomil Gjuzel:

  • A Pink Wool Knitted Dress, page 152.
  • The Shot, page 156.

William Shakespeare, Translated into Macedonian by Bogomil Gjuzel:

  • Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV sc. 12-15, page 160.

Siegfried Lenz, Translated from the German by Lee Chadeayne:

  • Lucas, Gentle Servant, page 185.

Ludmila Petrushevaskaya, Translated from the Russian by Sylvia Maizell:

  • The Younger Brother, page 203.

Jerzy Ficowski, Translated from the Polish by Søren Alberto Gauger and Marcin Piekoszewski:

  • The Artificial Hen or the Gravedigger’s Lover, page 217.
  • The Passing Settlement, page 220.

Ku Hyo-So, Introduced and translated from the Korean by Walter H. Kokernot and Chae-Pyong Song:

  • A Woman Returning from Farther Away, page 224.

Yokota Fumiko, Introduced and translated from the Japanese by Kimberly Kono:

  • Love Letter (Part II of Beautiful Elegy), page 248.

Anonymous (13th or 14th Century), Translated from the Portuguese by Philip Krummrich:

  • King Ramiro or The Legend of Gaia, page 257.
  • The Goat-Footed Lady, page 264.
  • The Legend of King Lear, page 266.
  • The Woman of the Sea or The Legend of the Marinhos, page 267.

Meir Aron Goldschmidt, Introduced and translated from the Danish by Ingrid G. Lansford:

  • A Tale About a Fly, page 268.

Christoforos Milonis, Introduced and translated from the Greek by Thalia Panidiri:

  • A Genuinely Smart Weapon, page 275.

Thomas H. Rohlich:

  • Review: Rise Ye Sea Slugs! by Robin D. Gill, page 278.