Spring 2008

Spring 2008

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2008 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 13.
  • Review: Winter Fragments, Bartolo Cattafi, page 332.

Jan Sonnergaard, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Down to the Lake with Flemming and His Pump Gun, page 18.

Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Translated from the German by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Pulling Up Fish Traps, page 35.

Carlos Trigueiro, Translated from the Portuguese by Clay Resnick:

  • At Home with the Colonel, page 41.

Lydia Miranda Oram:

  • Constructing the Hybrid/Transcultural Subject: Interpellating Tradition through Translation in Gustavo Sainz’s Gazapo, page 54.

Lee Hall and Maggie Horsnell:

  • Photographs, page 73.

Barbara Siegel Carlson:

  • Creating a Golden Boat, page 81.

Patrick Beurard-Valdoye, Translated from the French by Barbara Siegel Carlson:

  • Portbou: Walter Benjamin, page 100.

Taja Kramberger, Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar:

  • Landscape, page 104.

Iztok Osojnik, Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar:

  • From “A Night with Li Po,” page 108.

Barbara Pogacnik, Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson:

  • Encounter, Setting Sail, page 110.

Primoz Repar, Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar:

  • Offered Lady, page 114.

J. Derrick McClure:

Alfred Kolleritsch, Translated from the German into Scots by J. Derrick McClure with Heideline Prüger:

  • Grenzen, page 126.
  • Über das Fragen/Antworten, page 128.
  • Im Äussersten, page 130.
  • So Soll Es Bleiben, page 132.
  • Aufbruch, page 134.
  • Für die Übersetzerin, page 136.
  • Zerstörung, page 138.
  • Meinen Einfällen…, page 140.
  • Das Haus…, page 142.
  • Das Haus, In Dem Ich Geboren Wurde, page 144.

J. Derrick McClure:

  • Glossary, page 154.

Gastão Cruz, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • The Swimmer, page 160.
  • Song of the Waves, page 160.
  • A Chirping of Birds in the Lagoon, page 162.
  • The Four Seasons, page 164.
  • Distance, page 164.
  • Cool Lemons, page 166.
  • Two Orchards (Estoi), page 166.
  • Algarve, page 168.
  • Song, page 168.
  • Clouds, page 170.
  • When the Sun Comes Up, page 170.
  • Boats on the Lagoon, page 172.

Birhan Keskin, Translated from the Turkish by George Messo:

  • Fan, page 174.
  • Sun…Star, page 174.
  • Phoenix, page 176.
  • Mountain, page 176.

Galina Gamper, Translated from the Russian by Mark W. Halperin:

  • Saint Petersburg Sequence, page 178.

Q. Horatius Flaccus (Horrace), Translated from the Latin by Will Shearin:

  • Hard Work (Epode 8), page 184.

Serge Pey, Translated from the French by Yann Lovelock and Patrick Williamson:

  • Excerpts from the second series (1-37) of poems in the collection Every Poem is a Decapitated Head Held up by a Single Hair, page 186.

François Villon, Translated from the French by Samuel Danon:

  • Villon’s Epitaph (Ballad of the Hanged), page 194.

Jean de la Fontaine, Translated from the French by Pearl R. Hochstadt:

  • The Frog and the Ox, page 198.
  • The Cock and the Pearl, page 200.
  • The Wolf Accusing the Fox, with the Ape as Judge, page 200.
  • The Satyr and the Traveler, page 202.
  • The Doctors, page 204.

Miquèl Decòr, Translated from the Occitan by Jeannette Shulenberger Rogers:

  • Walking Throughout Minerve, page 206.

Hans Sachs, Translated from the German by Philip Krummrich:

  • History: The Unlucky Love of Leander and Lady Hero, page 220.

“El Hor,” Translated from the German by Philip Krummrich:

  • Hero and Leander, page 226.

Ryuichiro Utsumi, Translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei:

  • The Three-Legged Dog, page 230.

Teolinda Gersão, Translated from the Portuguese by António Igrejas and edited by Morgan Woolsey:

  • The Reader, page 234.

Rocío Qespi, Translated from the Spanish by Aleksandra Carbajal and edited by Morgan Woolsey:

  • The Cemetery of Acari, page 244.

Meir Aron Goldschmidt, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Sidi-El-Barduk and Zuleima (from Love Stories from Many Lands), page 257.

Gabrielle Emilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise du Chatelet-Lomot, Translated from the French by Erik Liddell:

  • Discourse on Happiness, page 274.

Evelyn Grill, Translated from the German by Jean M. Snook:

  • Means of Flight (From The Working World of Just-A-Housewife), page 295.

Kikaku, Translated from the romaji (Japanese) by Joshua Gage:

  • Translator’s Note, page 316.
  • “Over the pigeon house…,” page 318.

Marguerite Itamar Harrison:

  • A Narrative of Brazilian Resistance, Review: Ponciá Vivencio, Conceição Evaristo, page 320.

Mark Morford:

  • Review: Musae Anglicanae Anglice Redditae, John Gilmore, page 324.

Gillian Fenwick:

  • Review: Qualche altro giardino, Jane Urquhart, page 326.


Lee Hall:

  • Photographs from Greece
    • Crete Path to the Sea, page 73.
    • Winery, page 75.
    • Corfu, page 76.
    • Sea, page 76.
    • Crete Path, page 77.
    • Monastery, page 79.
    • Doorway, page 80.

Maggie Horsnell:

  • Photographs from the Pioneer Valley
    • Lemonade Stand, page 74.
    • Hayfield, page 77.
    • Lake, page 78.
    • Snow, page 78.
    • Ferris Wheel, page 79.