Spring 2009

Spring 2009

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2009 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • Editorial, page 10.

Raquel Chalfi, Translated from the Hebrew by Tsipi Keller:

  • Tale About an Inside-Out Dress, page 16.
  • Cubism, page 18.
  • The Love of Trees, page 18.

Srecko Kosovel,

  • Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar:
    • Alone, page 22.
    • My Poem, page 22.
    • Ecstasy of Death, page 24.
    • In Green India, page 26.
    • Bread, page 28.
    • Rhyme, page 30.
    • It’s Not You, page 30.
    • Honorarium, page 32.
    • Evening Before Winter, page 34.
    • Tragedy on the Ocean, page 34.
    • One Word, page 46.
  • Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Siegel Carlson:
    • Sonnet of the New Year, page 48.

Rebecca Gould:

  • The Twilight of Georgian Literary Modernism, page 50.

Titsian Tabidze, Translated from the Georgian by Rebecca Gould:

  • In Memory of Sergei Esenin, page 66.
  • Gunib, page 70.
  • For Galaktion Tabidze, page 72.
  • Poems Write Me, page 74.
  • When Bandits Killed Me on the Banks of the Aragvi, page 76.
  • The Black Sea, page 78.

Paolo Iashvili, Translated from the Georgian by Rebecca Gould:

  • Desk—My Parnassus, page 82.
  • From the Heights, page 84.
  • Poetry, page 86.

Galaktion Tabidze, Translated from the Georgian by Rebecca Gould:

  • Blue Horses, page 88.
  • Amirani Chained, page 90.
  • Exile, page 92.

Lara Villaro, Translated from the Spanish by Alexandra Falek:

  • [Untitled], page 104.

Estela Lamat, Translated from the Spanish by Michael Leong:

  • How to Make a Corner, page 110.
  • La Llorona, I Endure for the Purpose of Crying, page 112.

María Monasterios, Translated from the Spanish by Lucía Aranda:

  • Air, page 116.

Mathieu Bénézet, Translated from the French by Patrick Williamson:

  • Extracts from L’Océan jusqu’à toi (1994) – Phase I (Extract), page 120.

Nassira Azzouz, Translated from the French by Peter Thompson:

  • From Les Portes du Soleil (1988):
    • The Smile, page 124.
    • A Child at Sabra, page 126.
    • [Untitled], page 130.

Homer, Translated from the Ancient Greek by Kimberly Johnson:

  • The Iliad 18.474-608, “The Shield of Achilles,” page 134.

Roger Greenwald:

  • A Poem Shedding Its Skin, page 146.

Wendeline A. Hardenberg:

  • Self-Translation: Identity, Exile, and Beyond, page 152.

Zamira Kasymova, Edited by Thalia Pandiri:

  • The Devil is in the Details: Problems in the Translation of Abdulla Kadiry’s Uzbek National Classic Days of Old, page 175.

Song Yong, Translated from the Korean by Jason Park:

  • Teacher and the Crown Prince, page 190.
  • The Three-Story House, page 249.

Samran Huda, Translated from the Bengali by V. Ramaswamy:

  • Ever Shadowing Me, page 260.

Xi Xi, Translated from the Chinese by Esther M.K. Cheung and Michelle L.Y. Kwok, Edited by Thalia Pandiri with Sabina Knight:

  • “The Dream Factory” from Mourning for the Beast, page 266.

Ryuichiro Utsumi, Translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei:

  • That Morning, page 280.

Naoko Awa, Translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei:

  • The Blue Flower, page 285.

Irina Belaya, Translated from the Russian by Ilya Yudin and Elena Gorsheneva:

  • Tale of the Traffic Light, page 292.

Yurii Nechiporenko, Translated from the Russian by Laszlo Tikos:

  • Midnight: Margarita’s Despair, page 297.

Anna Banti, Translated from the Italian by Shirley A. Smith:

  • Lavinia Lost, page 305.

Corey Marks:

  • Review: New European Poets, Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer, eds., page 343.

Alice Clemente:

  • Review: Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna, A Man and His Shadow, and Astrid Cabral, Cage, page 352.