Spring 2013

Spring 2013

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2013 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-In-Chief:

  • Editorial, page 12.

Emily Dickinson, Translated into Galego by Marta Dahlgren and Manuel Forcadela:

  • Page 16:
    • A brief, but patient illness-
    • Water, is taught by thirst.
    • To learn the Transport by the Pain –
    • Come slowly – Eden!
    • The Drop, that wrestles in the Sea –
    • Wild nights! Wild nights!
    • After great pain, a formal feeling comes –
    • The Grass so little has to do –
    • He fumbles at your Soul
    • Because I could not stop for Death –
    • To fill a Gap
    • I started Early – Took my Dog –
    • Like Eyes that looked on Wastes –

Alessandro Carrera, Translated from the Italian by Ron Banerjee:

  • Page 34:
    • Ballata del paradiso
    • Ballata dell’espatriato
    • Ballata della paura di chi sta bene
    • Ballata della Guerra e di noi due
    • Ballata di mia madre
    • Ballata dell’autoritratto cinese
    • Lode all’isterica

Francesca Pellegrino, Translated from the Italian by Adria Bernardi:

  • Page 58:
    • in principio
    • solitudinaRia
    • funambolaRia
    • falsaRia
    • incendiaRia
    • lacrimaRia
    • refrattaRia
    • smemoraRia

Hilda Hilt, Translated from the Portuguese by Beatriz Bastos:

  • Poem 1, page 74.
  • Poem 2, page 74.
  • Poem 3, page 74.

George Drosinis, Translated from the Greek by Miltiades Matthias:

  • Greek Earth, page 78.

Xi, Murong, Translated from the Chinese by Wu, Shuang:

  • The Ferry, page 82.

Melanie Taylor Herrera, Translated from the Spanish by Christina Vega-Westhoff:

  • Fresh Corn Fritters, page 86.

Wolfgang Hermann, Translated from the German by Mark Miscovich:

  • The Park on his Shoulders, page 88.

Lúcia Bettencourt, Translated from the Portuguese by Kim M. Hastings:

  • Olympia’s Scar, page 90.

Louis Couperus, Translated from the Dutch by Barbara Fasting and David McKay:

  • The Grandfather, page 93.

Alexander Grin, Translated from the Russian by Sonya Solomonovich:

  • Father’s Wrath, page 97.

Marco Candida, Translated from the Italian by Elizabeth Harris and Margherita Pampinella-Cropper:

  • Practice Sermon, page 102.

Tommaso landolfi, Translated from the Italian by Saskia Ziolkowski:

  • Kafka’s Dad, page 107.

Janis Einfelds, Translated from the Latvian by Inara Cedrins:

  • 25. Rebellion, page 110.
  • 26. Echoes of Rebellion, page 110.

Dimosthenis Voutyras, Translated from the Greek by Panayotis Sfalagakos:

  • The Desolate House, page 114.

Subimal Misra, Translated from the Bengali by V. Ramaswamy:

  • Secret Vrindivan, page 118.

Dezsö Kosztolányi, Translated from the Hungarian by Adriana Varga:

  • Bandi Cseregdi in Paris, 1910, page 120.

Alexandro Malaspina, Text translated from the original Spanish, including epigraphs from the original Latin, by Erik Liddell:

  • Critical Letter on the Work of Quixote, page 129.

Erica Johnson Debeljak:

Gregary J. Racz:

Lucia Cherciu: