Spring 2015

Spring 2015

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2015 edition of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief:

Melina Kameric, Translated from the Bosnian by Fatima Mujcinovic:

  • Red Lace Lingerie, page 16.
  • Shoes for the Oscars, page 16.
  • Made in Yugoslavia, page 16.

Peter Rosei, Translated from the German by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Story, page 22.

Yossel Birstein, Translated from the Yiddish by Adi Mahalel:

  • Between the Olive Trees, page 27.

Luis Pulido Ritter, Translated from the Spanish by Tessa Erskine:

  • An Illegal’s Fantasy with the Butcher on the Corner, page 34.

Ginés S. Cutillas, Translated from the Spanish by Heather E. Higle:

  • A Domestic Story, page 37.
  • A Small Problem, page 37.

Ingeborg Bachmann, Translated from the German by Linda Baker:

  • I Too Have Lived in Arcadia (© 1978 by Piper Verlag GmbH, Munich), page 39.

Faroe-Islander Saga, Translated from the Old Norse by Robert Painter:

  • Chapter 7: “Standoff at Little Dimum,” page 41.

Naveed Alam:

  • Shah Hussain: Translations & Conversations, page 44.
  • Conversations with Shah Hussain, page 51.

Shah Hussain, Translated from the Punjabi by Naveed Alam, page 46.

Kiki Gounaridou, Joel Tansey:

  • Isabelle Sbrissa’s Swiss-French Theatre of Abstraction, page 57.

Isabelle Sbrissa, Translated from the French by Kiki Gounaridou and Joel Tansey, with Rosine Schultz:

  • Crossing the Desert, page 59.

Ruy Belo, Translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin:

  • Anniversary Mass, page 84.
  • The Grandeur of Man, page 84.
  • Misery and Grandeur, page 84.

From Cantares Mexicanos, Translated from the Nahuatl by David Bowles:

  • A Cradlesong, page 88.

Salvador Espiru, Translated from the Catalan by Joel Graham:

  • 37 – xxxvii, page 98.
  • 39 – xxxix, page 98.
  • 40 – xl, page 98.

Zaharia Stancu, Translated from the Romanian by Arnold Johnston, Deborah Ann Percy, and Dona Rospu:

  • Come With Me, page 102.

Ihor Pavlyuk, Translated from the Ukrainian by Steve Komarnyckyj:

  • The Bread of Childhood, page 108.

Juan Del Valle Y Caviedes, Translated from the Spanish by G.J. Racz:

  • Punctuated Verses, page 110.

Garcilaso De La Vega, Translated from the Spanish by G.J. Racz:

  • Letter to Boscán, page 112.

Mahieu Le Juif, Translated from the Old French by Samuel N. Rosenberg:

  • Por Autrui Movrai Mon Chant, page 118.
  • Par Grant Franchise Me Convient Chanter, page 148.

François Villon, Translated from the French by Samuel Danon:

  • Ballade: A Prayer To Our Lady, page 126.
  • Ballade to his Girlfriend, page 126.

Henning Ahrens, Translated from the German by Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter:

  • Milk, page 132.
  • Reins, page 132.
  • Legends, page 132.
  • Rain, page 132.
  • Pub, page 132.

Jürgen Becker, Translated from the German by Ingrid G. Lansford:

  • Andrew Wyeth Paints a Sound, page 138.

George Seferis, A New Verse Translation from the Greek by Miltiades Matthias:

  • Discourse on Love, page 142.

Potato Brother (Yu Kuichao), Translated from the Chinese by Josh Stenberg:

  • A cruel kind of a process, page 150.

Moon Tae-Jun, Translated from the Korean by Chae-Pyong Song and Darcy L. Brandel:

  • Old Mother, page 154.
  • When Rain Is About to Come, page 154.
  • Passing through the Tunnel, page 154.

Darcy L. Brandel:

  • Tribute to Chae-Pyong (J.P.) Song, 1960-2013, page 158.

Meir Aron Goldschmidt, Translated from the Danish by Ingrid Lansford:

  • Henry Cecil and Sarah, page 160.

Tanizaki Juni’chiro, Translated from the Japanese by Jason Morgan:

  • On Laziness, page 165.

Naka Kansuke, Translated from the Japanese by Masako Inamoto:

  • The Old man Who Makes Flowers Bloom, page 182.

Dazai Osamu, Translated from the Japanese by Owen Cooney:

  • Chiyojo, page 192.

Nam Cao, Translated from the Vietnamese by Quan Manh Ha:

  • Bright Moon, page 204.

Francisco De Castro, Translated from the Spanish by Glenda Y. Nieto Cuebas and German E. Vargas Ramos:

  • Interlude of the Witches, page 212.

Larry Tremblay, Translated from the French by J.T. Townley:

  • What Ever Happened to Aurélien Latour?, page 232.

David Ball:

C. John Burk: