Spring 2021 (29.1)

Spring 2021


The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring 2021 issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief:

In This Issue, page 9.

Louis Calaferte, Translated from the French by J. Kates

  • Out to the Grass, page 12.
  • And Voilà, page 14.
  • Forbidden Fruit, page 16.
  • (Untitled), page 18.
  • Disappearance of the Head, page 18.

Gena Gruz, Translated from the Russian by Aaron Poochigian with the poet

  • Neighbors, page 20.
  • Weeping Virgin, page 20.

José Pedro Leite, Translated from the Portuguese by Richard Simas

  • Measured In Your Smile, page 22.
  • You Would Want from The Afternoon, page 24.

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia, Translated from the Spanish by Douglas Cole

  • Elemental Magic, page 26.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Translated from the German by Christiane Marks

  • Seventh Duino Elegy, page 28.

Alecia Mckenzie, Translated into German by Marlies Glaser

  • Nantes, page 34.
  • Bordeaux, page 36.
  • Heat, page 38.

Erik Bendix

  • Retranslating Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus, page 40.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Translated from the German by Erik Bendix

  • Fifth Sonnet, page 48.
  • Twenty-ninth Sonnet, page 48.

Vicente Aleixandre, Translated from the Spanish by Angela Acosta

  • Creatures In the Dawn, page 50.

Zuzanna Ginczanka, Translated from the Polish by Eve Bigaj, page 54.

  • Physiology, page 56.
  • Of Centaurs, page 58.
  • Only This, page 60.
  • Instead of a Pink Letter, page 62.
  • The Catch, page 63.

Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden

  • Abu Nuwas: The Poet As An Iconoclastic Legend, page 66.

Abu Nuwas, Translated from the Arabic by Ferial Ghazoul and John Verlenden, page 70.

  • Ghazal, page 72.
  • Hunting Poem, page 74.
  • Satire, page 76.
  • Wine Poem, page 78.
  • Panegyric, page 79.

The Defense of Language and Culture, (Maria Mercè Roca’s responses translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland)

  • An Interview With Author Maria Mercè Roca, Translator Sonia Alland, And Pinyon Publishing, page

Maria Mercè Roca, Translated from the Catalan by Sonia Alland 96

  • Book One (From La Casa Gran), page 100.
  • Book Two (From La Casa Gran), page 104.
  • From: “The Dolphin”, page 104.
  • From: “Profusely Illustrated”, page 106.
  • From: Ritual, page 107.

Jocelyn Dupré, Translated from the French by Paul Curtis Daw

  • They’re In a Good Place, page 110.

Sadegh Hedayat, Translated from the Farsi (Persian) by Emad Mirmotahari

  • The Stray Dog, page 119.

Jūran Hisao, Translated from the Japanese by Toshiya Kamei

  • The Insectarium, page 127.

Kieu Bich Hau, Translated from the Vietnamese by Quynh Huong Vo

  • My Husband’s Secret, page 129.

Nihar Ranjan Gupta, Translated from the Bangla by Anwesha Maity

  • “The Yellow Devil”, page 135.

Gertrud Leutenegger, Translated from the German by Thomas Ahrens and Edward T. Larkin

  • Death Enters the World, page 174.

David Ball

Catherine Calloway

  • Review: Other Moons: Vietnamese Short Stories of the American War and Its Aftermath, page 2014.

Contributors, page 204.