Arab World Double Issue Spring/Fall 2007

Spring and Fall 2007

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring and Fall 2007 edition of Metamorphoses, a special double issue on the Arab world. The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is only available in print.

Thalia Pandiri:

  • From the Editor-in-Chief, page 14.
  • Twice Removed: The Question of Retranslation, page 175.

Meriem Pages:

  • Introduction: Narrating the Arab World through Translation, page 16.
Qadi’Iyad, Translated from the Arabic by Mohammad Abderrazzaq du Souhad Zendah:
  • A Book, page 28.
  • O Seeker of Knowledge, page 30.
  • Repentance, page 32.
  • To You I Stretch Forth the Palms of My Hands, page 34.
  • Poppy Flowers, page 36.

‘Abdullah Ibn Al-Mu’Tazz, Introduced and translated from the Arabic by Suheil Laher:

  • Untitled, from Tabaqat Al-Shu’Ara’ Al-Muhdahtin, page 38.

‘Ali Ja’Far Al-‘Allaq, Translated from the Arabic by Suheil Laher:

  • The River, page 42.

Zeinab Assaf, Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Al-Masri:

  • Funeral Prayer in Absentia, page 44.

Kadihm Al-Hijaj, Translated from the Arabic by Kadhim Al-Ali and Adil Al-Thamiry:

  • One Change of Vowel Changes, page 74.
  • A Whole World: Short Poems, page 74.

Loubna Handou, Translated from the Italian by Toshiya Kamei:

  • Marocco (Morocco), page 94.

Meriem Pages:

  • Illustrating Morocco, page 96.
  • Photographs by Robert G. Sullivan, page 97.

Hossam Fahr, Translated from the Arabic by Amani Hassan:

  • A Face Behind Glass I, page 106.
  • A Face Behind Glass II, page 107.

Ala Hlehel, Translated from the Arabic by Rima Hassouneh:

  • Coexistence, page 114.

Nadine Shams, Translated from the Arabic by Tarek Shamma:

  • Love Story, page 121.

Wafa Malih, Translated from the Arabic by Khaled Al-Masri:

  • Looking into a Lover’s Eyes, page 124.

Abdulrahman Majeed Al-Rube’e, Translated from the Arabic by Abdulzahra Muhamad:

  • The Ram, page 128.

Abd Al-Rahman Ibn Al-Faqih Uthman, Translated from the Arabic by Alex Cuffel:

  • Excerpts from Murshid al-zuwwar ila qubur al-abrar, al-musanna al-Durr al-munazzam ziyara al-jabal al-Muqattam, page 138.

Larbi Batma, Introduced and translated from the Arabic by Ziad Bentahar:

  • A Gnawa Adventure, from Arrahil, page 140.

Djura, Introduced and translated from the French by Patricia Frederick:

  • From The Season of Daffodils:
    • Excerpt from “Beneath the Veil . . . Algeria,” page 149.
    • Excerpt from “The Prophet’s Sneeze,” page 153.
    • Excerpt from “The Prophet’s Sneeze,” page 160.

James Denboer:

  • Kharjas from Muwashshahat in Arabic and Hebrew, page 166.

Ibn Zaydun, Translated from the Arabic into Spanish by Mahmud Sobh, translated from the Spanish into English by Mark Berg:

  • Luscious Cordoba, page 178.
  • Nostalgic Lover, page 178.
  • Wine and Roses, page 178.
  • After Absence, page 183.
  • A Furtive Glance, page 183.
  • A Secret, page 187.
  • Hidden Suffering, page 187.

Tassadit Yacine, Translated from the French by Meriem Pages:

  • Femmes, Espace et Creation dans le Monde Berbere, page 192.
  • Women, Space and Creation in Berber Society, page 210.

Meriem Pages:

  • Review: The Wind in My Hair, Salwa Salem with Laura Maritano, page 228.

Robert G. Sullivan:

  • Review: Homes of the Heart: A Ramallah Chronicle, Farouq Wadi, page 231.