Special Issue 2018: Languages and Literatures of China and the Chinese Diaspora (26.1-2)

Spring/Fall 2018

Special Issue: Languages and Literatures of China and the Chinese Diaspora

The following is the Table of Contents from the Spring/Fall 2018 issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Thalia Pandiri, Editor-in-Chief

Sujane Wu, Guest Editor

Jessica Moyer, Assistant Guest Editor:


Sujane Wu, Guest Editor:

Lucas Klein:

  • Our Daily Bread, page 14.

Xi Chuan, Translated by Lucas Klein:

  • On Fan Kuan’s Monumental Landscape Scroll Travelers Among Mountains And Streams, Page  22.
  • Once More on Fan Kuan’s Travelers among Mountains And Streams, Page 24.

Chen Li, Translated by Elaine Wong:

  • Ariettas: An Excerpt, page 30.
  • Memorandum of A Forgotten Comforter, page 32.
  • Rio de Ouro, 1500, page 34.

Mao Zedong, Translated by Hyacinthus Meredith:

  • Sixteen Character Rhyme: Shan, Page 38.

Xi Peilan, Translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Crossing the Yangtze , page 40.

Xu Wei, Translated by Casey Schoenberger:

  • Rhapsody on the Lotus 42.

Yuan Haowen, Translated by Joanne Tsao:

  • Written To the Lyric Pattern Mulan Hua Man: Two Poems On “Roaming the Thfree Terraces”, Page 54.

Su Shi, Translated by Ruoen Fan:

  • A Dream on the Night of the Twentieth of the First Lunar Month of Yi-Mao Year, 60.

Ouyang Xiu, Translated by Sujane Wu and Pan Morrigan:

  • Spring in the Hidden Valley, page 62.

Ouyang Xiu, Translated by Sujane Wu:

  • Outing to Langye Mountain, page 64.
  • Presented to the Daoist Li Jingxian, page 66.
  • A Song Presented to Shen Zun, page 70.

Zhang Jiuling, Translated by Ruoen Fan:

  • Longing for Her Love afar on a Moonlit Night, page 72.

Du Fu, Translated by Ruoen Fan:

  • Composed on a Night after His Departure from Sichuan, Page 74.

Du Fu, Translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Staying the Night in a Riverside Villa, page 76.
  • The Conscription, page 78.
  • Ballad of the Fair Lady, page 82.

Li Bo, Translated by Alex Foreman:

  • The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Longgully Love Song, page 86.

Wang Wei, Translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Presented to Subprefect Zhang, page 90.

Fu Xuan, Translated by Xurong Kong:

  • Fu on the Weathervane With Preface, Page 92.
  • Fu on the Milfoil, Page 94.
  • Fu on the Hound, Page 96.

Anonymous (Han Era), Translated by Alex Foreman:

  • South of the Walls We Fought, page 100.

Classic Of Poetry, Translated by Yuemin He:

  • Swallows, page 102.

Su Tong, Translated by Ting Wong:

  • What Does Your Husband Do?, page 105.

Fan Xiaoqing, Translated by Amelia Hu:

  • Dream Delivery Express, page 116.

Chen Yingsong, Translated by Paul Festa, Taylor Brady, and David Hazard:

  • The Leopard’s Last Dance, page 131.

Shi Zhecun, Translated by Bozhou Men and John Allaster:

  • Miss de Luxe, page 172.

Eileen Chang, Translated by Wei-hsin Lin:

  • My Views on Su Qing, page 180.
  • The Sayings of my Aunt, page 198.

Wang Jingtao, Translated by Meghan Cai:

  • A Sweet Kiss After Wine, page 202.

Bujilgen Jakdan, Translated from the Manchu by Elena Suet-Ying Chiu:

  • Planting a Pear Tree, page 207.

Li Yu, Translated by Jessica Moyer  :

  • Cherishing the Fragrant Companion, Scene 10: Playful Vows, page 216.

Thalia Pandiri and Sujane Wu:

  • Review: Antologia Poetica: Tra Il Cielo E La Terra/ Between Heaven And Earth. Poesie In Cinese Classico, Inglese E Italiano/Poems in The Classical Chinese, English and Italian, page 228.

Poets and Authors, page 234.

Contributors, page 240.