Our Project

What is the ParKit?

The ParKit is a bike-towed park-making kit that makes small, temporary parks mobile.

What is the purpose of the ParKit?

A classic example of tactical urbanism, as pioneered by Mike Lyndon and Anthony Garcia, the main objective of the ParKit is to enact short-term, low-stakes simulations of what could be permanent park installations while servicing the wants and needs of multiple publics.

What’s inside the ParKit?

The current version of the ParKit consists of custom-designed, collapsible chairs; an inflatable couch; games such as chess, checkers, cornhole, and horseshoes; and a small library. All of the park’s components are stored in a deck box that doubles as a bench, which is towed using a bike trailer.

What makes the ParKit unique?

The ParKit is designed to be ridden around a city and to be quickly assembled and disassembled, enabling previously unused spaces to quickly and easily be seen as more inviting. The park design can be easily adapted to many potential locations and to the communities’ interests by changing the components. In cooperation with community members, the ParKit team can test the efficacy of appropriate design interventions without the costs associated with fully-developed park proposals and public forums.

Who is the ParKit team?

The ParKit is designed, maintained, and installed by members of the Smith College community.