2020 International Chronobiology Summer School ……ON-LINE!

Sorry – our school has finished for the year.  Please contact Mary Harrington if you have an inquiry.

Always available for you –  take the free on-line Coursera course. https://www.coursera.org/learn/circadian-clocks You do not need to sign up for a certificate, so this should be completely free.


This course welcomes graduate students and postdoctoral fellows new to the field of Chronobiology. We can also accept advanced undergraduates who are working in a chronobiology research lab.

We cover a wide range of topics! Lectures offer background on molecular basis for biological rhythms in plants, insects, mammals. Photoreceptor pathways will be compared. Students will learn how researchers are working to develop biomarkers and how to assess phase resetting. Everyone will get hands-on experience analyzing rhythmic data and creating simple mathematical models. Instruction will be provided by leading researchers in the field, with opportunities for personal tutoring sessions and active learning. We anticipate the course work will take about 3 h a week, and that the course will run throughout the summer.

There will be no fee for this course as long as you are a member of SRBR or one of the international biological rhythms societies
Our syllabus is here..


(Looking for our prior curricular plans? see this page)