Muneera Alshagawi ’25J

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Overlapping Cones 
Fall 2022
Bristol and string

After walking around the botanical garden and the Lyman Plant House, I was inspired by the jade plants I observed. They are one of my favorite plants, and I wanted to start a project that involved them. I took a square sheet of Bristol paper and started cutting out a repetitive pattern that resembled that jade plant leaf. I made a couple of sheets filled with the same design, then I started playing with the paper, trying to make it into a 3D shape. I finally came up with the cone-like form, which was unique. I wanted my sculpture to have rhythm, so I decided to make the cones connect in a similar way that the leaf pattern connects.


Water Lilies
Fall 2022
Altered branch from Smith Arboretum, reed, and tissue paper

After going on a tour with Jimmy Grogan and Lily Carone, I was inspired by the plants that were hung on the wall and growing off a piece of wood. I also wanted to do something that had to do with lilies since I love the pattern that they produce. I started using reeds to create the repeated lily shape in different sizes. I then added tissue paper to some of the lilies to emphasize the plant. 


Fall 2022
Bristol and glue

Since I am an Engineering Major/Architecture Minor, I wanted to make something related to my interests. I started by deciding the dimensions of the skyscraper and tracing them on paper, then I carved in the triangle pattern and repeated the design on all sides of the “building.” It required a lot of attention to detail but turned out the way I wanted it to.