Sula Johnson ’26

Studio Art
Wardensville, WV

Fall 2022
Yupo paper and acrylic

My favorite house in the Lyman Conservatory is the Warm Temperate House. The colors in the room drew me in, and I love the pinks and oranges there. Pink is my absolute favorite color. It is so vibrant and energetic that matching it with a drooping silhouette felt attractive to me.


A Little Snack
Fall 2022
Altered cork from the Smith Arboretum, reed and tissue

The Succulent House most inspired me during our tour of the plant houses. I find the rosette shape and spiky leaves. When we looked for fallen sticks and tree limbs, I found a piece of cork that had been eaten up by bugs and was on the verge of rotting. I wanted to emulate that same feeling of bug bites in my sculpture.