The Afterlife in Eight Words

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This podcast investigates the ways in which religious traditions have conceived of an afterlife or a transformed existence that transcends this mortal life, and we do so in each episode by looking at one word that encapsulates a particular tradition’s understanding of the afterlife. Click on “Season One” in the menu and listen to the featured episodes.

Acknowledgments: Students in Prof. Carol Zaleski and Prof. David Howlett’s spring 2021 course, “Heaven, Hell, and Other Realms: The Afterlife in World Religions,” wrote, produced, and edited each episode.

Special thanks goes to Dan Bennett and Travis Grandy of the Smith Learning, Research, and Technology Team. They helped us navigate the audio editing programs and think through podcast production. Thanks also goes to the Andrew Mellon Foundation that supports public-facing student writing at Smith College.

Photo credit: Egyptian sarcophagus by Andrew Martin on Pixabay, free to use without attribution.

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