Set design of Brundibar opera, performed more than 50 times in Theresienstadt, by Frantisek Zelenka, 1943.

Welcome to the Theresienstadt Archive: A Woman’s Microhistory of the Holocaust.

This website presents one woman’s Holocaust archive — documents and artifacts from Theresienstadt, a concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. It is accompanied by her post-war memoir and oral history, and by family pictures and documents that attest to her life before the Holocaust, and the years immediately following it.

As you explore this site, consider how we come to know and understand history. How do disparate documents, objects, and art tell a story, and how do the spaces between them invite us to narrate history ourselves? What is the relationship between private memory and collective memory? How do the items in this archive provide a window into vernacular and gender histories that complicate master narratives?