Lotte discusses her religious upbringing and describes how her family celebrated different Jewish holidays.

Growing up, Lotte would often attend the opera and participate in various activities with her youth group. Listen to her discuss her leisure time.

Lotte recalls listening to the radio on the family gramophone and discusses her favorite music.

Here, Lotte describes annual summer vacations in RadoŇ°ovice, a small countryside village in the Czech Republic.

Lotte discusses dating, suitors, and one of her boyfriends, Paul Vainer.

Lotte describes how she met Ernest.

Lotte discusses her wedding in Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague, as well as her religious life and education.

Lotte further recounts her wedding and discusses her honeymoon in Yugoslavia.

Listen to Lotte discuss her marriage, college education, and experience working as the Director Secretary at the Bohemian Glass Sheet Factory.