Lotte and family

Listen to Lotte talk about her maternal grandparents, Semi and Ottilie Lowy.

Lotte discusses her grandparents’ siblings.

Here, Lotte discusses her six aunts and uncles.

Listen to Lotte discuss her “most wonderful childhood” and her experience growing up with many relatives living nearby.

Lotte describes how her single mother, Greta, provided for her and Nelly.

Lotte discusses her late father, Leo Wotizky, and her aunts, uncles, and cousins on his side. She then describes the fate of these relatives in the war.

Prior to his death in 1918, Lotte’s father worked as a traveling salesman. Here, Lotte discusses his job, as well as his death and grave.



Ernest and family

Ernest’s mother and father, Anna Stern (nee Hahn) and Adolf Stern
Ernest’s family, Vienna 1909 or 1910. Top row, from left: brother Hans, unknown individual. Bottom row, from left: sister Greta, Ernest, and mother Anna.


Lotte discusses Ernest’s family, including his parents, brother Hans, and sister Greta, as well as his early education.

Here, Lotte explains how Ernest and Hans left Vienna as teenagers to find work in Prague with the help of their relatives, the Loweners.

Here, Lotte discusses how Mrs. Stern raised Ernest, Hans, and Greta as a single mother. She also describes Hans and Greta’s marriages and traces Greta’s pathway to New York after the war.

Lotte discusses Ernest’s textile shop, his business partner, and his social life.

Lotte details Ernest’s various relatives, including aunts, uncles, and cousins.