How decisions are made: FIT Funnel

FIT Funnel for decision making
FIT Funnel for decision making

FIT has created a graphical representation — a funnel  — to help clarify roles and responsibilities and conceptualize decision-making. The funnel is specifically for the Five College beta testing and migration aspects of the project; we know that many staff are becoming involved with the open source FOLIO community and that is great! We are happy to encourage that as well. The funnel image outlines the responsibilities and expectations of staff participating in each part of the FC project and illustrates how recommendations, feedback, and decision-making will proceed.

Look for your local FIT member to be discussing the funnel at an upcoming institutional staff meeting.

FOLIO Sprint Review 52-53

  1. 0.00 Introduction/new team members
  2. 1:20 Q4 Release links, milestone dates
  3. 2:38 Q4 updates
  4. 5:13 File uploads demo
  5. 13:30 Acquisitions — vendor module enhancements
  6. 18:10 Password changes demo
  7. 28:30 Service points locations demo
  8. 37:45 User requests
  9. 39:00 Patron notices settings/templates
  10. 45:18 Inventory changes/additions
    1. Instance record
    2. Holdings record
    3. Item record
  11. 59:28 Stripes components storybook demo for UI modules — for developers
  12. 1:04:50 Hotkeys for users — shortcut keys demo
  13. 1:15:57 ERM demo
    1. license properties
    2. agreements
    3. eresources list
  14. 1:26:42 Sprint 54 — Three week sprint (December 24th-January 11th)
  15. 1:27:07 Q4 Release — January 14, 2019
  16. 1:27:18 Sprint 55 — Two week sprint (January 14 – January 25)
  17. 1:27:27 Plans for Coming Sprints

Aleph Advisory Group (AAG)

Successful system migrations include a preparation stage where data is cleaned. Correcting errors and aligning fields across the Five Colleges prior to moving to FOLIO will aide in a smooth data transfer. Further, clean data enables library staff to manage our resources so our patrons have an improved search and retrieval experience.

Aleph Advisory Group (AAG) is currently coordinating efforts across the Five Colleges to align bib/item formats, and to correct incorrectly assigned call number types.  We are also considering what data can be left behind (i.e. old patron records), This is a large effort that is starting to pick up steam! Do you have a suggestion for a data clean up project? Contact your local FIT or AAG representative.

Portugal Presentation

Kat Berry delivered a presentation at a FOLIO Day at the University of Lisbon, Portugal on November 30th. This FOLIO Day was very similar to the one we had at Hampshire College last October 2017. The presentation focused on how the Five Colleges made the decision to move to FOLIO and why we are adopting a single tenant model for our consortia.

Sprint Review 50-51

Sprint Review 50-51 (November 27, 2018)


0:00   – Introductions
1:38   – Q4 updates
13:00 – Definition of Done
14:23 –  OAI/PMH harvester
19:20 – MarcEdit OAI/PMH harvester demo
24:00 – Introduction to the Acquisitions orders module
26:07 – Acquisitions orders demo
32:00 – Data import introduction – specifically the data import landing page and file upload component
34:00 – Data import demo
37:35 – Password reset message delivery introduction
39:13 – Password reset message delivery demo
42:00 – BigTest in Stripes (Bug testing)

43:15 – Internationalization and render performance

46:30 – Workflow introduction

48:24 – Overview of Camunda workflow manager

54:00 – Claim returned workflow demo using Camunda api

1:00:35 – MARCcat – Boolean searching and browsing in MARC records – shows MARC tags where search terms are found in the record

1:07:55 – Demo adding requesters barcode and making it printable

1:09:35 – Linking to the request queue from the loans page

1:10:15 – Settings pages that are under development

1:12:39 – Requests

1:16:40 – Quality control