Shared Five College Principles

Shared resource: The Five College libraries collections make up a single and shared library resource.  

Best practices: In an agile manner, standardize, streamline and improve best practices.

Alignment: FOLIO is an opportunity to align multiple systems and create a more unified presentation of Five College library data; enabling more seamless access to collections.

Additional functionality: Once core functionality is established, improvements, and additional functionality can be explored and prioritized. 

Communication: Commitment to transparent communication throughout all stages of the project.

Respect one another: When we debate and discuss differing opinions, we will always show respect to individuals. All of us will end up compromising on some aspects of the design or the project work. We recognize that this is hard work and time consuming. Many of us may be pushed outside of our comfort zone; however, we will remain respectful to one another. These guidelines are forward-looking and will guide Five College Library cooperation beyond the FOLIO implementation.