Project update

A quick update for what’s coming up for the new year.

  • Microfilm metadata is finished! We are now working with our Digital Libraries Applications Administrator on ingest and Jasmine and I are working through some final data clean up. More to come on ingest as we work through the process.
  • Photograph description is proceeding well in ArchivesSpace and will wrap up early 2018. Then onto working through associating the digital objects.
  • Bibliographic description of the digitized serials progresses as well and will also wrap up in early 2018 (I still have to get used to writing that!)

It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch of the project! I can’t wait to share published product with everyone and see the materials in action.

photograph of woman standing outside possibly on top of hill or mountain stretching arms wide

Project update

It’s been a while since a new project update. Metadata moves along and description of photographs is happening within ArchivesSpace! Serials metadata is starting up and after some discussion and partnering with folks in Discovery and Access to describe them bibliographically. It will be a fun exercise in brushing off my MARC skills and learning from the experts.

In other exciting project news, we are getting closer to ingest of the microfilm metadata into ArchivesSpace. I’m excited to finally see the metadata in its new home and hope all our planning and workflows lead to a successful ingest with minimal errors! More to come on that as it approaches.

For now, here’s a photo of the new microfilm viewing/scanning station!