Ella Larsen Giangrave ’25

Anthropology and Spanish
Mansfield, CT

Fall 2022
Branch, reed, copper wire, and embroidery floss

Through trial and alteration, the reed elements of this piece came to resemble fiddleheads, the young, immature spirals that eventually unfurl to reveal the delicate leaf of a fern.


Hive Mind
Fall 2022
Bristol, paint and embroidery floss

Is orange a warning color? What warning can we glean from this piece? Is keeping your distance from a hive a sign of fear or respect? A warning does not necessarily imply inevitable danger and may suggest that one operates with thoughtful intentions.


Fall 2022
Bristol and acrylic paint

This piece initially took inspiration from a plant in the Lyman Plant House with fingerlike pinnate leaves that fan and out in a round. Once the work took a 3-dimensional form, it resembled crashing waves, where it got its humorously misspelled title.