Rose Carragher ’25

Education and Child Study
Williamsburg, MA

Fibonacci Flora
Fall 2022
Reed, tissue paper, and gloss medium

“This piece was inspired by our time in the Lyman Plant House. I noticed a lot of plants with a rosette shape, which reminded me of the Fibonacci Sequence that is often found in nature. I have a background in carpentry, so I was drawn to utilize the reed material in a geometric way reminiscent of the frames I used to build. The leaves are made of reeds wrapped in tissue paper, which I used as an accent piece to pay a more direct homage to the plants. The leaves are loosely based on the agave leaves I observed outside the greenhouse.”


A Rose Deconstructed
Fall 2022
Yupo paper

“For this piece, I used many strategies for an earlier sculpture that projects light from the inside to highlight paper cuts inspired by plants. I was inspired by the different parts of a rose plant and wanted to represent the main components in a stylized fashion. The flowers are central, as they are generally what the rose plant is renowned for. I mimicked the thorny stem as the pattern on the lamp’s base and chose to use the leaves to add dimension to the piece, extending it into the surrounding space. I chose the rose as a nod to my name, as I appreciate sharing a name with such a beautiful plant.”