Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting a research publication?  You’re in the right place!


  • A title
  • A logo (can be nearly any image)
  • A one-paragraph abstract or description
  • Authors


  • A research paper
  • Up to five images, videos, or other files
  • Funny anecdotes or tidbits of information

ONE person fills out the submission form, then all authors fill out the author bio form.

JAR is pretty lenient.  Submissions can be in the form of a paragraph, research paper, video, or song and dance.  Your projects don’t even have to be finished!  JAR is also collecting research ideas and featuring fascinating in-progress research.  Once you have submitted a project, JAR’s editors will review your submission and make sure it’s at least not atrociously inappropriate before publishing it.  Some projects may qualify to win an award from JAR.  If your project is selected, you will hear back from us by May 15To submit something to JAR, have one person from your team fill out the submission form below.  If any members of your team would like to have biographies on the JAR website, they should fill out the author bio form.  

Minimum submission requirements:  Filling out the required questions on the submission form.  This includes an author’s email address, the project’s title, a one-paragraph description of the project (it can be as descriptive or as humorous as you’d like), the names and pronouns of everyone who you’d like listed as project authors, and a logo for your project.  This logo can be pretty much anything from a stock photo to a Google Drawing.

Optional questions on the submission form are as follows: a research paper submission, project media, and random tidbits of information about your project.  The submission form asks if you would like to submit a research paper.  If your project is currently in progress and you would like to submit a research paper at a future time, select the corresponding option and email a PDF of your paper to once your project is finished.  You may also upload up to five images, videos, Google Drawings, presentations, etc. to be associated with your project.  As for the random tidbits of information, JAR is looking to collect interesting information, humorous anecdotes, or other tales of research during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Providing some tidbits of information like this is strongly encouraged, but not required.

After one submission form is filled out for the project, each author is encouraged but not required to fill out an author bio form.  This form asks the author’s name, email address, pronouns, which project they worked on, and a short biography.  A headshot or some other image that represents the essence of that author may be uploaded, but is not required.  This form also asks if the author would like to be spotlighted on the JAR website.  The author spotlight would show the author’s name, bio, and image (if applicable) on a rotating basis.  Being spotlighted is completely optional.  Finally, the author may choose to fill out an additional “fun” section of the form with some questions pertaining to the struggles of the research process, fun facts about themselves, etc.  If the author chooses to fill out this section, their responses will be published (either anonymously or with their names and bios attached, depending on their preference).  They may also upload another piece of media in this section of the form.  JAR’s always looking for content. 🙂