1969 and 1970 Black Students’ Alliance demands → Louise B. Hall ‘68 becomes first black admissions officer, Cultural Center created (the Lily Room, later re-named in honor of Ng’endo Mwangi), 86 Black students admitted to the class of 1969, Afro-American Studies major approved

1988 and 1989 Concerned Students of All Colors demands → Smith Design for Affirmative Action and Institutional Diversity: A Call to Action, hiring of an Affirmative Action Officer with student input, creation of a civil rights policy and grievance procedure, increased recruitment of faculty and students of color

2002 Students’ Grassroots Organizing Group demands → Smith College Repairing the Community agreement, involving changes in anti-bias training, conflict resolution procedures, and available counseling, as well as a renewed commitment to multiculturalism in hiring and curriculum building

2012 Mobilizing Smith College/Respect Existence or Expect Resistance demands → Although the institutional repercussions of these demands were unclear, as well as how far the conversation with administration advanced, they built on their predecessors’ experiences and strategies. In Fall 2012, the Weaving Voices Archives Project was created by students to keep future generations from having to re-invent the wheel every time they wanted to discuss patterns of institutional racism at Smith and demand change. These efforts continue.