Call for Submissions: Confusions

Call for Submissions

We would like to invite any and all current college students or those who have graduated in the past year who identify on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum to write a short reflection on the topic, “Confusions.” This is intended to be low-stress – you are not expected to write an entire blog post. Instead, we will create a single post combining the received submissions showing the diversity of perspectives present within our community. Your submission can be up to 300 words or another form of media such as a drawing.


How to submit

Please submit your written response to this form: If you want to submit another form of media, please email it to and note your college. The deadline for submissions is August 5, and the submissions will be posted anonymously on August 6.



The following are meant to give you ideas for what you can write about, but you are not limited to these prompts! The topic is meant to be broad, so feel free to write about whatever you are inspired to write about.


  • What is something related to asexuality and/or aromanticism that confuses you? That used to confuse you?
  • What is something you find confusing about allosexual and/or alloromantic people and culture?
  • What is something that you are confused about, as seen through an asexual and/or aromantic viewpoint?
  • What are misconceptions about asexuality and/or aromanticism that you have had or that you frequently encounter?