Item Material Type Open House Recording

The Item Material Type Task Group (Jaime Taylor, Jack Mulvaney, Scott Stangroom, and Susan Kimball) would like to thank everyone who was able to join us at Friday’s Item Material Type Open House. It was nice to share the output of the work we’ve been doing for the last 3 months. We appreciate the discussion and input received from participants. Links to the slide deck, recording, and feedback form are below. Please submit feedback by noon on Friday, October 2nd so we can incorporate it into our discussion at the task group’s next meeting.
Item Material Type Open House Slides (including link to feedback form)

Direct link to Feedback Form

Please email Susan Kimball at with any questions.

FOLIO Timeline

The FOLIO Implementation Team (FIT) has been reviewing our criteria for determining when we will go live with FOLIO. Go-live is when FOLIO becomes our system of record for all primary functions and we discontinue use of Aleph. Some of our fellow early adopters have reached their established decision point for go-live by July 2019 and the required features are not fully developed. Most have pushed back their go-live date to July 2020 in order to stay aligned with their fiscal year start.

FIT is reviewing the list of go-live features and determining a date by which those features need to be functional in advance of go-live. The goal is to choose a software release by which we would need to have functionality developed in order to go live up to 6 months later. We are currently looking to asses the software releases in  Q3 (October 2019) and Q4 (January 2020) for required functionality.  This would provide a implementation window with a go-live date in the Summer of 2020.