First Named release

Patrick Zinn, Director of Marketing, University Libraries at Texas A&M is the creator of the Bee logo for FOLIO. If you would like to know the history of the bee for FOLIO you can read this story posted by Patrick. “To bee or…Hey there is a Bee”. In the world of nature bees must be able to find plants and flowers to both pollantate and feed from in order to survive.  In the world of FOLIO we need librarians, developers, designers, and service providers to contribute to the community and to the project so that it matures into one of those products that is globally trusted and supported. The people that are active in the FOLIO community now can say, “we were there when….” One way to ensure the bees survival in nature is to plant wildflowers and when a FOLIO group started to think about what to start naming product releases the decision came easy, wildflowers are found everywhere and are needed for a health bee community. The very first named release is called Aster. All releases from now on will be named for wildflowers in ABC order.  If you would like to know what all was included in the Aster Release please click on the release notes.