Think Piece 2

I was lucky enough to spend the last year abroad in Copenhagen, and once I finished packing, grabbed my metro card and registered for classes I was given one command: assimilate. Denmark is rather proud if not boisterously so of its many green initiatives and economic approach towards sustainability, believing that many countries should follow suit, and openly pity those who dare not.

The Copenhagen approach in terms of environmental security is one that works for progress but lacks in accessibility, often receiving criticism for it. I noted from the readings and external research that while the Copenhagen school of though is much about innovation, t leaves out key components of conservancy. As a Scandinavian nation with a high GDP and ample resources, it has the privilege of taking a rather Eurocentric approach, in which its determination is soluble through a singular nation approach.

Such approach lacks the consideration of conversancy, and accepts a rather bare future in which new technologies are the only cause for change in a nations environmental problem. This disregards nations lacking in the economic ability to sustain these methods and even depicts them as threats to the theories of the Copenhagen school. As the main theory is the capability of Securitization, all that is developed in name for environmental security is done so under a perceived threat.

In the case of conservative though, Denmark specifically has had Securitization of ecological politics excuse mistreatment of refugees. One Danish politician cited the “delicate balance” the country has in order to stay environmentally clean and provide for its citizens. While this may seem rightly unjust to many, it is such ecological excuses that usher in inhuman laws that allow for the harm and deportation of refugees seeking shelter from war.

Economic security though utmost necessary should never be utilized for the deprecation and distrust of human beings, and the use of Securitization in this regard is immoral and damages the stride for ecological policy. I believe Securitization can be used for positive results but should they feed a conservative agenda bent on negative progress, the example I painted above can become much more common.

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