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Environmental Governance

This week’s reading felt like an accumulation from the earlier readings of this semester.We revisited the familiar analogy of spaceship earth, as well as Malthusian theories. Chapter 11 examines the role of the population in terms of power and the … Continue reading

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Defining Security and Exploring its Challenges

This week’s reading focuses on topics that I have not yet considered in my discussions of environmental security. Pirages explores environmental security in two major sections, through human security and ecological security. As the we enter an era of increased … Continue reading

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“Litmus Test for Survival”

This week’s readings dealt with very similar overarching topics. Some of the major themes included neoliberalism and its role on security, the consequences of the Cold War on the climate, the current state we are in, and the future ahead … Continue reading

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Think Piece 1

How we talk about and study environmental security is largely based on how we define it and what we believe is to be the major conflict and consequence. An interesting argument came up on whether environmental threats should be acknowledged … Continue reading

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