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Environmental security and development

Sciubba et al. concentrate on the effects of population driven by fertility, mortality and migration on national security, which signifies “the ability of states to maintain their independent identity and their functional integrity.” Separating the types of threats imposing on … Continue reading

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Security discourse through the ecological, environmental and gendered lenses

Pirages, throughout his research, argues that in order to deal efficiently with more catastrophic future challenges, such as global warming, water shortages and need for new energy sources, major transformation of outdated security paradigms is essential because he believes that … Continue reading

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Think piece 2

Watts argues that political ecology is one of the approaches to thinking about the political economy of the environment, which caused the degradation of our environment based on the ideas of  power dynamics in the state and capitalism. He asserts … Continue reading

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Thinkpiece 1

Prior to reading Environmental Security: Approaches and Issues, I have neither learned nor paid attention on the environmental security studies. Thus, most of the information on this book was fairly new to me. However, through these somewhat challenging and complicated … Continue reading

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